Friday, September 5, 2008

"Al-CIA-Duh" Tape Pops Up like Clockwork

"Jewish Media Group, IntelCenter, releases their latest aL-Qaeda recording

Funny, just when things are getting hot in Pakistan for the US, what with the cross-border raids and all of the bombings of civilians by CIA run Predator drones using Hellfire missiles, that aL-Qaeda shows up, raising hell about raising hell.

Funny, that FOX News, the RNC and White House official propaganda outlet, is the first stateside to "discover" this little jewel.. Well, maybe not.

Funny, that a Jewish run Media Group, Ben Venzke's IntelCenter, is AGAIN the first to get their grubby little paws on this info, since their logo is clearly displayed in the upper right corner of the video shown on FOX.

Let's see, the next scheduled "aL-Qaeda" tape will be around 9/11, when one of the Jewish Media Groups, either IntelCenter or Rita Katz's SITE, digs up--literally, by using a shovel--Bin Laden to rave about AQ's actions on 9/11, when even the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist page on BL doesn't say anything about BL and 9/11.

After that, there will be one released right before the November election, in which the CIA created, financed and run aL-Qaeda tries to scare gullible American voters into voting for McCain.

Gonna use another BL look alike from MOSSAD Central Casting or just a still photo of BL, talking from beyond the grave?

And how many times do you get to kill these CIA assets before they finally stay dead, or is it like those old Warner Brothers cartoons, where, no matter how many times the character gets whacked in the head or falls off a cliff, he's always back for the next cartoon?

Why not release one of these "aL-Qaeda" tapes when they deserved to be released, on Halloween?