Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Purchase More Than One Newspaper?

Local excepted.

The reason I say this is because the articles are ALL THE SAME!

Why spend $5 on a New York Times (I don't, and won't) when I can get the New York Times in my Boston Globe for $2-fitty?!?


NEWS ANALYSIS: After brutal vote, Mugabe turns to old strategy (By Celia W. Dugger, New York Times News Service)"

"Occupation plan for Iraq is faulted in Army study (By Michael R. Gordon, New York Times News Service)"

"Kennedy makes boldest mark in Supreme Court term (By Linda Greenhouse, New York Times News Service)"

"Housing rescue bill evolves as mortgage debt snowballs (By Vikas Bajaj, New York Times News Service)"

"Doctors weigh costs of taking a look inside the heart (By Alex Berenson and Reed Abelson, New York Times News Service)"

And if that isn't bad enough, they pick off the other prop paper, the CIA's favorite

"Baghdad restaurant returns to business with hope on the menu (By Saad al-Izzi, Washington Post)"

"Gas prices fuel rickshaw defenders (By Emily Wax, Washington Post)"

"School privatization plan sputters (By Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post)"

"Estimated cost rises for border monitors (By Robert O'Harrow Jr., Washington Post)"

The truth is I rarely check the Times newspaper site for stories now, unless they pop up on a web search or bloggers direct me there.

I just don't like them and their style of 'journalism" anymore.

But since I PAID for the Sunday Boston Globe this morning, I've paid for my right to quote.

So often, it is how I discover the censorship and lies they tell!

Oh, by the way, see if you can find any mention of Tibet in this front-page article.

Yeah, seems like all that human rights chatter (as if the U.S. should be speaking on the matter) is a bunch of blow when it comes to the $$$$!!!