Monday, June 30, 2008

The Growing Mental Health Screenings

As a companion piece, read Ron Paul Revolution Excerpts: Personal Freedom.

It couldn't have been more timely and relevant.

"Mind-altering drugs and the problem child" by Claudia Meininger Gold | June 30, 2008

Claudia Meininger Gold is a pediatrician in Great Barrington.

How much is big pharma funneling to you, Doc?

".... In our society, parents are often alone, without support from extended family or a spouse. However, the latest research integrating developmental psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral genetics into an approach called contemporary attachment theory is showing that if we can help this mother to join her child, to accept his low frustration tolerance as part of him, not a reflection of her own failure as a parent, she can help him regulate his frustration.

It makes you WONDER HOW HUMANS have gotten along ALL THESE YEARS, huh?

Where would the human race be without the PSYCHO-BABBLE CROWD?

Telling parents they are FAILING and making them INSECURE!

All part of the AGENDA-PUSH!!!

He will then learn to manage his feelings on his own. Most important, if she can do this, she may actually change the way his brain handles stress and strong emotions.

In my pediatric practice, I aim to support parents in just this way. My goal is to listen to this mother's experience of her child, her sense of shame and inadequacy. I have found that with this kind of support, parents are fortified in their efforts to accept their children for who they are.

Yeah, HOW ABOUT TRYING THAT instead of SHOVING DRUGS down their throats?

Once these difficult emotions have been addressed, parents are resourceful, and don't generally need me to tell them what to do.

I AGREE with that statement WHOLE-HEARTEDLY!

This simple intervention often results in significant improvement in the child's behavior.

The last decade has seen an explosion of psychiatric diagnoses in young children, and with them an exponential growth in the number of children on medications.

Yeah, and RON PAUL TELLS YOU WHY, readers!

This is due in large part to marketing by the pharmaceutical industry combined with our society's expectation of a quick fix.

Notice how this Dr. is always trying to BLAME PARENTS and US!?!?

Keep that POISON away from our kids!!!!

Prescribing psychoactive medication is a common endpoint of all of these trends. Our society is at risk of raising a significant proportion of the next generation on psychotropic medications. To change this, a paradigm shift is needed in how we think about children, behavior, and relationships. Contemporary attachment theory offers such a paradigm.

One wonders why the human species is still in existence, doesn't one, after reading this garbage!

In my pediatric practice I have many children on medication for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. These medications can be highly beneficial. I also have patients, including those who have suffered abuse and neglect, who are under the care of child psychiatrists and need several psychotropic medications. What is worrisome, however, is the increase in psychiatric diagnoses in very young children who might be only difficult, not disturbed - and the subsequent prescribing of medication.

Good luck stopping that train, doc.

It has LEFT the STATION!

Did you read the Ron Paul excerpts?

A paradigm shift allows us to see the same story in a different way. If we can listen differently to parents of young children who have "behavior problems," we can intervene early, before there is even a question of medication, and may be able to change these developing brains.

Like the drugs aren't doing that already?

Studies have shown that a parent's capacity to think about and understand a child's experience from the child's perspective is associated with a child's increased cognitive resourcefulness, greater social skills, and better capacity to regulate emotions. Healthcare policy, and the education of pediatricians and mental health professionals, must move toward giving our full support to parents of young children in this way. Only then can we hope to improve the mental health of the next generation.


You know what? It is the SOCIETY that is SICK, not the kids!!!!


And if you think the mental health screening is going to be limited to kids, think again.

"Panel to study effects of military service

A new Massachusetts commission will study the mental health effects of military service and make recommendations about how the state can help returning veterans. The "Wounds of War" commission will look at whether the state should create a mandatory mental health treatment program for National Guard members who engage in combat.

Yeah, what is ONE MORE COST to GEORGE W. BUSH'S LIES, huh?

WHO do you think is going to PAY for this, readers?


Of course, the government is TURNING AWAY and SHORTCHANGING VETS as it is, so WTF?!

The commission will also look at the potential benefits of a military family leave policy for caregivers and a statewide education training program to assist police, corrections officers, and first responders about the early warning signs of post traumatic stress disorder. The report from the 19-member commission is due Sept. 15 (AP)."

Next thing you know they will be trying to
take your guns away, vets!

Soon it will be all of us that have to get an "evaluation."

First question: Whom do you believe was behind the 9/11 attacks?!

Better give them the right answer, 'murkn, or else you are crazy!!!!