Friday, May 1, 2009

We Are There

"I’m not crazy or deluded at all.... Try this experiment. Put anything on the TV and observe yourself watching it. A point will come where you.... know the MSM is actually a propaganda tool"

"Mr. Visible Meets the Invisible Man

by Visible

I’m relatively sane. I know if people could climb inside my head they wouldn’t find John Malkovitch. They wouldn’t find me either because that guy got blown away in a Force 7 spiral, right up through the top of what used to be his head, a long time ago. So, what someone would probably find is whatever version of the self I was using at the time. You can’t actually use ‘the self’ because it is still… motionless… but… you can put some clothes on it and let the clothes act as if they were the thing that was being concealed. In some ways it’s like “The Invisible Man”. You can’t see him but the clothes outline his form so there is the appearance that he exists. The world is something like that. It appears to reveal all kinds of things but it is actually concealing things. It’s concealing one thing in particular and a number of other things that are related to that one thing. These would be the various ‘powers’, aspects… characteristics. Words, as you know are… well they’re kind of like the clothes I was just talking about. They give thoughts something to wear.

That metaphysical introduction is important to what I would like to say. It lets you know that there are certain limitations that I can’t get around and you are going to have to help me out by letting a ‘particular facility’ inside your mind develop on the theme and give you a personalized Polaroid that will serve for more than a thousand words.

There’s this swine flu that’s turned into a full blown epidemic of press coverage about itself without being much of anything at all. Like some of you, I have a curious nature. Automatically, my mind goes rummaging around behind what I am being told and it keeps doing that until a little plausibility chime goes off and then… it fleshes it out like those clothes on the invisible man again.

It’s not really swine flu. It’s a designer flu and it didn’t just come out of Nature any more than a car does. The things that make the car come out of Nature but not the car itself. That’s as much as you need to know to start looking for who made it. You don’t have to wonder whether it was self-generated so we can move to the next steps; who made it? Why did they make it? Why did they blow it out of proportion after they released it? Why did they release it where they did? There are other questions but these will do for now because I’m not going to answer these questions. I know the answers in a general way. You can learn most things just by following Cui Bono.

Answers are not hard to find. That’s not the problem. The problem is whether you like the answers you get. If you don’t then you have to accommodate yourself to whatever lie you can be most comfortable with. This is what people do and you can’t do much about that except to let them know that you know and maybe they’ll get honest with themselves and maybe they won’t. Sooner or later they are going to come up against the truth in one way or another and then… what happens to them will depend on how much of a career they made out of lies.

Many of you know that I post at this site under the name of Apollonius (taken from an ancient Greek who was called Apollonius of Tyana. 90% of the people there are in total denial about 9/11 and most of the things that have happened over the last decade. I go there because I am pretty much the only one, with one or two exceptions, who tells them about other perspectives on things they would rather not hear about and I get wacked for being wack. They think I’m deluded, possibly crazy and certainly ‘eccentric’ which would be the kinder word for what they might otherwise say. The funny thing is that I’m not crazy or deluded at all. It’s like walking into a mental institution where all of the patients think they’re medical professionals. I’m one of the few doctors there and it amuses and intrigues me to study their symptoms and read their case histories.

There was this Air Force 1 incident. This event is much stranger than it has been made to appear. It’s kind of the reverse of the Flu media pandemic. This also didn’t come out of Nature so you can apply the same questions to this as you did to Flumania When you read the linked article you are going to find yourself seriously puzzled. The idea of taking a presidential plane up over the Statue of Liberty for a photo-op and not telling practically anyone is… well, we’ve seen a pretty high level of absurdity over the last decade but this is in a class of it’s own for more reasons than I care to go into. Ponder it, if you will, for a moment.

There’s some kind of connection between these two events. It’s possible they are happening as a distraction and it’s possible that they are precursors for something that’s about to happen. There are other possibilities and I know that some of you are going to give me your take on it.

There are several articles on the designer flu circus at today and nothing about the plane incident. The plane incident is so curious; read, ‘newsworthy’ that not hearing any more about it is also newsworthy. We know that the Main Stream Media is the propaganda wing of the ruling elite. If you approach the MSM with this understanding in mind you get a whole new perspective on it… as opposed to looking at it as actual news. It’s a mental trick that most people don’t exercise because they are intellectually lazy. This brings me to the consideration of ‘objective reasoning’.

Try this experiment. Put anything on the TV and observe yourself watching it. A point will come where you forget that you are apart from it and watching it and you are then inside of it. This happens with many things in life and people actually die as a result of this condition. Think about it. There are many permutations and circumstances where this would apply. Metaphorically speaking; there are a lot of people driving around in their lives while using the cell phone. An act of real power is being able to have no thoughts in your mind and to be in control of what comes in and goes out. Most people have no idea how useful this ability is. Consciousness is a really impressive thing but most people don’t even think about it.

You can see the invisible man’s handiwork all over the place, even if you can’t see him. These days he is often accompanied by an official source that remains nameless because he’s not authorized to speak on the subject. This guy is on the news all the time. He often writes articles. He’s the guy who mentions Bin Laden and tells you where Bin Laden could be and what that gang of Scarlet Pimpernels; Al Qaeda is planning and doing. There’s this other guy, or it might be several guys who decide what you see and what you don’t see and who is also in charge of rephrasing the words of public figures. By example we could use Ahmanedijad’s actual comment about Israel as opposed to what this guy replaced it with. He’s the guy that also keeps the Gaza situation out of the news unless it’s advantageous to the people who are exterminating the Palestinians. He’s the guy who counts the bottle rockets that land in the empty spaces around Sderot. He’s the host of that Ron Paul show, “Wack Guy for the Gullible Eye.”

I’m going to give you some homework today. I want you to see how often you can spot The Invisible Man and these other guys now that you understand that thing about watching TV while remaining apart from it; now that you understand about what comes out of Nature and what doesn’t, now that you know the MSM is actually a propaganda tool. Just by my mentioning these guys you are going to start seeing evidence of their actions and presence. You’ll be thinking about this flu thing and the plane thing and maybe even about all the strange weather we are getting from Global Cooling.

Probably by now you are getting what I was trying to say with that metaphysical intro. The readers here will be picking right up on it but the people at that forum, some of whom are reading these words right at this moment… they won’t be getting it. This is another curious thing. Here’s hoping you don’t feel someone tap you on the shoulder but when you turn around there isn’t anyone there. Many people would be quite surprised to find out that this happens all the time but they don’t identify it as such.