Monday, May 11, 2009

The Power of the Internet

"Three Must See Presentations: This is the power of the Internet and why our corporate governments are trying to control it

by chycho

Click this 2008 map to enlarge and compare it with the
updated 2009 map from the source. In one short year,
many more countries have begun to censor the Internet.

There is a very good possibility that the World War III option is an attempt to control the Internet by eliminating Net Neutrality and online free speech. It appears that the boundaries set between countries through treaties are vanishing due to the exponential dissemination of information through the Net. This is in conflict with the wishes of the oligarchy who are willing to do anything to maintain control.

The attack on the Internet is three-pronged, it involves bandwidth throttling by ISP’s, Internet censorship by governments, and the oligarchy trying to prevent Network Neutrality.

As well as the above, the mainstream media and the corporate elite have created the “Piracy” buzzword so that they can preserve our present discriminatory and bias system of disseminating information - a dysfunctional system that has given power and control to the elite through archaic copyright laws that have neither benefited artists nor consumers. This model has censored and controlled information, news and entertainment for the benefit of multinational conglomerates.

As was previously stated, as a collective we must understand that democracy can only exist in a society with an educated populace, and the right for self-governance can only be obtained through knowledge. As long as the Internet remains Neutral and uncensored, we, as a global community, can make a difference. We can fill the gap left behind by our corporate governments by becoming proactive in every aspect of our lives and our civilization.

The more information that we share within our collective the more informed decisions we will be able to make for our society. For those who have not noticed yet, the established hierarchical system is collapsing.

The only way we will be able to bring about positive changes is by sharing our art and our vision without corporate censorship, distribution limitations, or government bureaucracy.

This global community that has been created through the Internet, functioning as the only true free society, is reshaping our world. Where this interaction and connectivity will lead us is yet to be determined, however, the changes are and continue to be unprecedented.

The following three presentations are an excellent introduction to this topic....

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