Sunday, May 17, 2009

Robinson Responds

"America's Zionist-Israeli Lobby Victim Speaks Out

William Robinson, a professor with tenure at the University of California Santa Barbara recently had a huge "run in" with the "Zionist Censorship controllers of America" You see, he dared to use the dreaded "H" word that obviously belongs to only Jews. Never mind that many other people have had their own "holocaust" Jaysus, in Ireland our population was halved three times, so we have a right to that word as well. As do the Palestinians. Because Robinson is 100% right in his assessment. Because Israel has now become the very monster that persecuted Jews, and that is why some people find their actions quite stunning. You'd think Israel would be a compassionate nation, having faced racism, discrimination and a huge military might with no way to fight back except "resistance" Sound Familiar? It should! Israel has become the "Nazis" and the Palestinians are the "new Jews"