Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Pope Sees a Palestinian Play

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this 10-minute clip. It exploded and exposed the American newspapers and their Muslim-hating, pro-Zionist bias in so many ways!

"Video: The Pope at Aida Refugee Camp saw this children’s play from Al-Rowwad with the backdrop of the Apartheid wall (the Pope ascribed the wall to “stalemate” rather than to the racism that really is the cause of it, but the message got through thanks to these Children)

Don't be too hard on the old guy:
Pope Plays Peek-a-Boo With Palestinian Child


Readers, I was captivated at the performance!

It's beauty brought tears to my face!

So did this

Just a story of a child born with a heart defect that would be repairable in any other part of the world but not in Gaza

Israeli Siege Taking Toll on Gazan Children