Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obama to Expand Torture Chambers

And they aren't closing Gitmo, either.

"Be wary of hosting US torture camps

RENEWED concerns by the United Nations Human Rights Council that the United State Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was planning to relocate its secret prisons to some African countries ought to put our authorities on alert....

The US government’s handouts should not be taken lightly considering recent revelations that the US is expanding its secret detention centres for terror suspects to Mauritania, Ethiopia, some countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia....


Translation: The renditions, secret black site prisons, floating dungeons, and torture based upon unholy and damnable lies regarding 9/11 will continue.

Also see: Obama to Immunize Nazis For Holocaust

The Boston Sunday Globe Omissions: Obama Keeps Military Commissions

Ah, yes, change you can believe in!

Here is another perspective on the MSM coverage of torture (or lack in the case of the above expansion):

"Let's hear another few weeks of debate in the controlled media about how torture saved Los Angeles. What led us to torture? The false flag of 9/11 and the lies of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Where's the release of the documents related to these crimes?

The sickness of torture can't compare to killing your own and over a million foreigners for profit and land and resource theft. The same psychopaths who ordered torture are still on the loose and using every tool at their disposal to keep the public distracted.
... --MORE--"

An important issue and a war crime, yes, but as the blogger notes, the MSM torture coverage reaffirms the lie that the "terrorists" came from those caves and are still out there.

You can add 100 or so more innocent lives to the cost, folks!