Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Censored Content


[These words from my last article, "The American War on Wana," will not post in the Word format. Each time I tried to load the article with these paragraphs included, they were automatically removed in the process. I could not post the full article until I did it from Notepad. The oddest part is that nearly every one of the censored paragraphs pertained to "al Qaida" being fake; it is really an intelligence operation.]

A great sickness of mind has inflicted the people of this Nation, filling our thoughts with bloodlust and heroic visions of victory over savage hordes who are bent on our destruction. The “al Qaida” and Taliban who have been cast as classic movie villains who prefer a world ruled by death and despair, answer to strange gods and display bizarre customs. American soldiers were cast in the hero’s role, standing tall in their glorious image of the lone eagle warriors holding-back the swelling tides of Asia and Africa, defending our lovingly constructed towers of glory that surely elevate us that much closer to our Creator even as they set us above our fellow man. This is the Hollywood image of America that has been carefully constructed by our leaders and powerhouses of influence, the “Zion” of Matrix fame. “Zion” America, the hero nation of warriors, defending precious civilization, under siege by armies of darkness and inhumanity.

Every action that our government takes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, under the pretense of eliminating “al Qaida” is a fraud. Whatever is left of bin Laden’s organization (he never called it “al Qaida,” it was the “World Islamic Front for Jihad Against the Jews and Crusaders”), most of the terrorist acts that have been blamed on the legendary group were either the work of other terrorists [like Khalid Sheikh Mohamed and Ramsey Yousef], CIA/Special Forces operations or attacks by mercenary proxies hired by the CIA network). The Arabic expression,’Q eidat ilmu’ti’aat’, meaning “the database,” is the source of the term ascribed to the legendary terrorist outfit.

The term “al Qaida” was never used before the “war of terror” was dreamed-up in the sick minds of the neocon spooks who ran the Bush/Cheney political team in the 2000 campaign. The only proof given to the contrary came from an Israeli source, claiming to be copied text from an American embassy press release. World renowned expert on bin Laden , Yossef Bodansky never used the term “al Qaida” even once in his opus volume of research entitled, “Bin Laden: the Man Who Declared War on America,” published in 1999.

The concept of the “global war on terror” has served as an excuse for turning reality on its head and the implementation of the full war agenda of the radical American right wing. Bin Laden’s organization, “World Islamic Front for Jihad” is a spent force.

The war in AfPak is based on multiple deceptions by numerous interested parties

Their attacks, coupled with the constant haranguing and threats coming from Bush and Cheney, have compelled the Army to fight a series of mini-wars against the fake Taliban, or “al Qaida,” who had taken advantage of Muslim customs to gain shelter among the local Pashtun population from the storm blowing-away across the Durand Line. Each time the Army ended the mini-war by signing treaties with militant leaders like Mullah Dadullah or Baitullah Mehsud, a new series of attacks would erupt elsewhere. The collateral damage inflicted upon the local tribes in these attacks and the Army’s counter-attacks then, as now, was massive. This suffering and violence breathed new life into the local Taliban movement, motivating thousands to take-up arms against the Americans and the Pakistani government.

Into this confusing, boiling cauldron of inter-tribal and inter-agency warfare the British and American forces introduced another wild card, the “Taliban split,” orchestrated around the killing on May 13 of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah. British and Afghan agencies used his brother Mansoor to introduce the idea of “reconciliation” and double-cross into the minds of both the Afghan and the Pakistani Taliban. British assets associated with Mansoor began to perpetuate mistrust and suspicion of Afghan double-agents, especially those who had been associated with Abdullah Mehsud and his Uzbeks.

Pakistan has to seriously fight a war against the Taliban, pretending that they are fighting an imaginary “al Qaida” hierarchy which survived the Afghan war by fleeing to FATA and NWFP. Pakistan has to decimate its population with war and refugee problems, under American direction, in the pretense of fighting a military “force” that consists of no more than a token remnant; it is not any kind of “force” at all.