Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Stand Too Close to Evil

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"People have to learn on their own. Not only will they not listen, they will become very angry with you for telling them what they do not what to hear about what they refuse to see

(Blog author's note:
I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"The Apocalypse and the Looming Abyss

The Apocalypse continues. The ‘revealing’ goes on. Tangentially, we note indications that those who thought they were pulling the strings are dancing on strings of their own. Things long hidden are crawling out of hibernation and it is the public rather than the emerging sleepers who are rubbing their eyes. A new revolution based on an awaking conscience is making itself felt in the strangest places. As the good within us begins to glow in the embers of what we used to be, ever more toxic evils display themselves. This evil cannot see its downfall made certain in the boundless arrogance of its behavior. The Apocalypse is a time of madness and we are seeing it on all sides.

This article, in all its damning irony, would be funny had we not just seen the last decade in action. Then again… without so much evidence to the contrary one might miss the humor entirely. No conscious, thinking person can doubt that great forces are loose upon the wind and the shape to be taken is as unpredictable as coursing the track of the wind.

Open your eyes.

Consider what has been said about the innocence of those detained at Gitmo in relation to Obama’s resurrecting the military tribunals. It’s Milo Minderbinder having lunch with Dr. Strangelove as Dr. Pangloss does the voice over. The tape loops with, “the best of all possible worlds” over and over and over again.

It’s Obama campaigning on a platform of hope and change and an end to illegal conflicts and finding daily, casual extermination of Pakistani civilians in a new war; tens of thousands more troops for Afghanistan in a conflict that CANNOT be won, rubber stamp support for Israel in her genocide of the Palestinians… it goes on and on. Not a day passes that Howdy Doody doesn’t institute some new insanity while maintaining all of the former administrations anti-constitutional edicts. Edict would be the operative word as it tries to find its place in a democratic process. You might as well go looking for the democratic process. Good luck with that.

People ask me how I can be hopeful with this latest blow to our faith and credulity, that being Obama as ‘new and improved’ or is it, “The same thing only different”? Maybe it’s “the real thing in the back of your mind”? I’m hopeful and maybe more than that because of all the revelations that are undressing in the public eye. Such disclosure implies still further disclosure. All these pathetic, self important fools who put themselves on stage, insisting on their right to be there as ‘the deciders’ empowered to fix the problems caused by the people they serve… now find themselves in a different spotlight than the one they imagined would be there and the heat of that light is going to increase and increase. Bank on it.

It goes without saying that they will have to manifest some terrible distractions and those are on the way as you read these words. There is one thing they’ve overlooked in their certitude that they can forever control the perspective of the people they deceive and that is the unavoidable reality which has to do with putting all of those genies back in the lamp. The truth is coming out and the truth is strapped. Another consideration is the means taken to maintain control over indefensible, destructive action. Eventually you set fire to the stage you are standing on and that is a part of the timeless certainty that evil destroys itself. The operative wisdom would be, for each and every one of us, don’t stand to close to the evil while it does this.

When you are locked into a bankrupt process and when you give your fealty to things that are the antithesis of what they present themselves to be, you are standing too close. When you continue in your actions toward an abyss, thinking that there are safeguards built into a system that will protect you at the edge, you are a fool. It was the removal of the safeguards for the purpose of reckless profit which made the abyss a reality in the first place. First there is no abyss and then there is.

A wise ruler understands the importance of balance. Laws and all of the other trappings of a culture exist for the purpose of balance. Make your laws too soft or too hard and the abyss looms. The moment balance goes wanting, the abyss appears. The depth of the abyss is the measure of our fear. Depending on the extent of ones fear one could, in some cases, simply step over the abyss. In other cases you cannot even see the other side. The motive force of those betraying and deceiving you is fear. The handmaidens of fear are confusion on one side and base desire on the other.

Any ruler whose reach exceeds his grasp; who takes his eye off of the supply wagons, who thinks that foreign adventurism is a sage enterprise, who embraces debt as a highway out of debt, is driving toward the abyss with whomever imagines they will share in the gold at the rainbows end. In times of madness one is likely to be without a sane leader. Madness is a period of culling brought about by Nature returning the balance. How many former empires destroyed themselves by the same process we are observing now? Take a look. The history is still there for your perusal.

We know these things. We have seen these things before. Now we are treated to speeches by the seemingly sane. Their teleprompter enhanced performances are dressed in wealth and finery. Their power attends them on all sides. They are mad as hatters. The sympathetic inmates gibber among themselves and applaud each following banality as they march to the abyss, accompanied by marching bands and klieg lights on rollers. There is enough light to require sunglasses at midnight but not nearly enough light to see the abyss.

Some walk along with them for a time. Some call out to them and tell them about the abyss. They mock and throw stones. Their eyes are fixed upon “the most fabulous object in the world” and they will not be dissuaded by you and they will kill you if you try too hard. In Buddhism there is something called, ‘unbearable compassion’. This is when you look around you at the suffering that surrounds you and realize that there are so many things you can do nothing about. People have to learn on their own. Not only will they not listen, they will become very angry with you for telling them what they do not what to hear about what they refuse to see.

We are in a time of summing up. Everything is being sorted. These periods occur like clockwork. They are a part of the process of existence. It is historical fact that these periods come and go. It can be assumed that certain times of ‘summing up’ are of a greater magnitude than others. Let those who must persist in the industry of evil continue as they will. My advice is not to stand to close to them while they cull themselves out of the picture. There will be world enough for us left in the aftermath. We may be without a few things but we will not be without each other or that mysterious something which has always guided the best of us to their just rewards.

Those who ruined and plundered at will are not unaware of their state and of the times in which they find themselves. For all their polished ease and control of the engines of war and information, they are troubled right down to the soles of their shoes. They can feel the breath of fire at the napes of their necks; be that metaphorical or otherwise. The part of their minds that has led them to this pass, urges them onward and they will hear only this voice, until the moment they step off the cliff. Another part of them is fearful in ways we cannot imagine… still, they do believe that they will once again find the reins of control over whatever is left in the wake of their passage. We shall see about that.

It is for each of us to choose who we follow and what we believe at this point. If you see a bunch of drunks playing with fireworks, you have to decide if you’ve had enough beers to want to join them or whether there might not be some other way to occupy your time.

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