Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grave Events Upon the Horizon

"no one will be seated during the last ten minutes of our feature presentation"

"When Hubris Pushes itself off the Cliff

by Visible

We could have had a better world a long time ago. Along the way a lot of people have worked for a better world. It’s clear that ‘civilization’, whatever that word is supposed to mean, hasn’t been all that helpful. It’s clear that the level of civilization in Ancient Greece and other locations have not been improved on since their time. One might say that things have gotten worse. Certainly the comfort level has gone up and existence is more convenient for those who can afford it but… there’s an argument for believing that we have actually been going down hill since more primitive times. The only positive note seems to be that time has sped up so that you don’t have to be here as long as in the past. It certainly feels like it’s going faster and that’s not good news either considering the general direction that civilization ‘appears’ to be headed in.

I have always had the highest admiration for men like Buckminster Fuller and Jacque Fresco. Throughout the course of history there have been men and women who have shown us a vision of what we could be like but they have been uniformly marginalized and typed as kooks and eccentrics. We’ve been told that ideas like theirs are not practical and couldn’t be applied in any wider sense among the world’s people. In the movie, “Who Killed the Electric Car”, we were treated to the images of new cars, which had never been driven, being crushed into scrap by gigantic presses. There’s no point in my loading this entry with examples of what happens when corporations and banks dictate the course of human evolution AND there’s a reason why fascism is always the end result of this process.

Some people are evolutionary and some people are de-evolutionary. You could say that some people are good and some people are evil and that would mean the same thing. I don’t know if these people are born this way or if opportunity and circumstance mold them into what they become. All I know is that it happens and that usually, in a society driven by money and products, good comes to be defined as evil and evil as good. Then we get things like this.

AIPAC is engaged in their usual scheming and strong-arming at the moment and we are getting first hand evidence of how fascism comes about and how… no matter how much some people have, it is never enough. It appears they are not satisfied with the case being dropped against their spies. They want an investigation into how this was allowed to happen in the first place. Part of their logic is that the charges were brought “under a law that had barely been used in more than 90 years.” Wow… do I really need to perform an autopsy on that? Some things have been against the law for centuries but they do get used on occasion; unless you are well placed on the pyramid. Then, even the ancient laws about murder and theft don’t really apply. And if you kill some truly large amount of people then it becomes something performed in the national interest.

Former Senator Abourezk lays it out pretty well. It’s not hard to see what’s going on here or… to see the other end of the spectrum where the target doesn’t have the ‘juice’ because he’s a member of a suspect group which was made suspicious due to an act of terrorism carried out by agents of the group in power, for the purpose of making this group suspect in the first place. Regardless of the injured howling on the part of the real villains in the picture, we don’t need to argue further about who did 9/11 and why they did it. All you have to do is look at what has resulted since.

You don’t need all that other evidence but that’s there too. That’s there too… ignored and hanging in the air along with the iron ions and whispering thermite. There’s Larry Silverstein doing the old soft shoe and singing, “Pull it… pull it for me baby.” There’s Michael Chertoff in the role of a demented Jim Henson. There are flash forwards and flashbacks. In one of the flash forwards we see Henry Kissinger whispering into Obama’s ear like Grima Wormtongue. There’s the entire U.S. Congress performing felatio at the AIPAC convention while Handel’s Messiah is played backwards. Money is dropping, pants are dropping, names are dropping and people are even smearing droppings under their eyes to cut the glare of the sun which stands for something allegorical in this life play but …we’ve forgotten what that was.

Pete Seeger turned 90 the other day. He wrote a song called, “Where have all the Flowers Gone?” There are a lot of new versions needed, “Where have all the Humanity gone?” is one of them. Honor… awareness… these are but a few of the virtues that have been whored out for things no sane person would want to possess in the first place and I have to ask… why would you give away qualities that protect you and make your life worth living for… things that endanger you and steal all of the joy from your existence? It’s a dark marvel to witness.

There’s some reason that so many powerful rent boys and girls are performing so many demeaning acts for the benefit of a tiny ruling elite. Sure, they’ve always been whores but, in the past, there’s at least been a certain amount of pretense otherwise. The veil of illusion was a lot more intact. They only did certain things on camera. Now they will do anything on camera. They compete with each other to see who can be more degrading than their fellows.

I don’t think they can be doing it for money and power but maybe I am wrong. Maybe it just has to do with denying the position to everyone who has any integrity or principles and making sure that only the most dishonorable among us can be elected. You know… like when Rahm Emanuel (who certainly hadn’t attained the seniority for the position) was in charge of making sure that only pro-war democrats were allowed to run for office in 2006. Maybe that is all it is… making sure that only the most corrupt of the crew is allowed to line up behind each other and kiss Baphomet’s ass.

I’m traveling some distance tonight to meet with some of the more well known individuals on “The Truth Circuit”. It was a curious invite that came out of nowhere and maybe it will prove illuminating for me. Then again… it could be Borat; out to punk some anti-Zionist nobody. We’ll see and you’ll hear about it in the next installment here this weekend.

Those of you who visit regularly know that I’ve mentioned the apocalypse theme often over recent time. You’ve heard me talk about large shifts in our collective state of being. I’ve mentioned the approach of great and possibly grave events upon the horizon. I can’t shake this. It accompanies me through my every day. I’m generally much more hopeful than appearances warrant. I really do think there is going to be a universal hoisting upon petards. I see deep darkness infiltrated with light. I see powerful structures collapsing to the ground much as those mysterious free falling towers did. I see transformation and wide awakening, simultaneously terrible and wonderful… all dependent on the state in which we find ourselves at its occurrence.

There’s no question that there is more pressure than there are places for it to go. There’s no question that corruption and imbalance have moved beyond the point where they can sustain themselves. Laws of Nature are now due to come into play. We do not understand these laws but we know they exist and we are going to get first hand demonstration of them. My take was… and is… those in whom hubris has become uncontrollable shall soon be meeting the unexpected.

I have often premised that life is a reality play. Life is that stage of which The Bard has spoken. We are going to be getting a lesson about the wrong way of living and doing things and the principal players have been thrust forth into the limelight for better viewing. Remember… no one will be seated during the last ten minutes of our feature presentation.

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