Thursday, May 21, 2009

Propagandist Looking For Work

"Any Nation Looking for a First Rate Anti-Zionist Propagandists?

If so, I promise that I will never falter, I’ll always keep my eye on the ball. If it comes down to it, I promise that I’ll stick around, fight and die for your nation assuming that you loathe Zionism as much as I do.

Things being the way they are in the United States, it’s more than apparent to me that Zogbots will soon be at my door for one reason or another anyway, and it‘s probably best that I get out of this country before I‘m no longer able.

I have zero loyalty to the present United States government,, I do not consider it legitimate, I believe that it was long ago hijacked by the world Zionist entity, and despite the fact that I once foolishly served in its military, I believe that to serve it today is to serve evil and all that entails.

Promise me a job and I promise you that I’ll renounce my U.S. citizenship and become a loyal member of your nation. Show me a commitment on your part that you’re willing to confront the forces of evil, those that currently control the United States government, and I promise you undying loyalty and a willingness to do what’s necessary to get the truth out to the people of the world. I’ll fight and die in your corner!

Although I have always been a nationalist at heart, I can clearly see that nationalism is a dying notion in the Jewnited States of Amerika. If you’ll allow me to call myself a Palestinian, I’ll fight and die for the Palestinian cause. Allow me to call myself a Venezuelan, I’ll fight and die for Chavez and Venezuela. Allow me to call myself a Bolivian, I’ll fight and die a Bolivian. Allow me into Belorussia and I’ll fight and die as a Belorussian. I perceive an international enemy today, and I’m more than willing to join any cause that recognizes it too, and recognizes that diplomacy with it, is a waste of time.

Utilize me in any manner you wish, I’m a skilled propagandist, when “propaganda” is understood to mean what it truly means, and not how the Jews have defined it since 1945. According too Merriam Webster,, “propaganda” can be defined as:

“ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause ; also : a public action having such an effect..” #[source]

When it comes to speaking about Zionist Jews, one need not resort to lies, the truth is damning enough, the truth reveals these Jews to be liars and to have lied too humanity for more than 100 years.

When I was young I was led to believe that the United States would accept immigrants from other countries that were being persecuted for their political or religious beliefs. Today, May 2009, I'm the one being persecuted for my political beliefs, just lost a job because of them, I don't bring my views into the workplace, but someone found my internet missives and I was fired. If that's not persecution for political beliefs I don't know what is. So, in any case, If your nation is critical of Israel and World Jewry, and in need of someone more than happy to expose them, send me an email, I'm ready to immigrate.

Yours sincerely,

Curt Maynard