Thursday, May 28, 2009

9/11 Truth and Blind Faith

"US Scholars: 9/11 and the architects of World War II

From The Canadian. An online national newspaper published at:

By Dr. John Singh & Richard Dolan

Scholars of the 9/11 Truth movement have provided voluminous documentation that the accused terrorists were simply incapable of evading America's military defense infrastructure. Furthermore, engineers testify that the World Trade Center was specifically designed to withstand such a terrorist impact from the air using airplanes.

Other scholars who have analyzed the video of the destruction of the World Trade Center suggest that the building "disintegrated" like by the "controlled demolition" techniques used get rid of old buildings.

Other eyewitnesses testify that they heard explosives go off in the building while they were seeking to escape. Such accounts are a part of numerous discrepancies documented by the 9/11 Truth movement. Essentially, 9/11 Truth activists suggests that, in the style of the Nazis after the Reichstag Fire, Muslim scapegoats were used to justify a pre planned war of aggression.

9/11 Truth activists suggest that there has further been a concerted effort to thwart any impartial investigation of the alleged link between 9/11 and Islamic terrorist cells. The new U.S. President Barack Obama administration, has further sought to intensify a war in the Afghanistan and Pakistan, that may have been launched through fabrications.

Official accounts on 9/11 requires individuals to disregard every single piece of documentation unearthed by 9/11 scholars, independent investigative researchers and eyewitness accounts. Official accounts requires in individuals who are presented with such voluminous evidence, to totally disregard it, and to have "blind faith" in the architects of an aggressive war, now responsible in the deaths of over one million Iraqis alone, in addition to other innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan....