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You go in there for 15 minutes and you are there for three hours.

"Waiting For The World To Answer

by Ayman T. Quader
28 March 2009

Taken by: Ayman Quader, AL Nuserat Camp, Middle of the Gaza Strip

It was an ordinary morning December 2008. Children were playing and having fun. They were digging between the rocks to get some space for their childhood.

This is the story of Ahmad , a little boy without sin who was killed on that morning. Ahmad was known among his friends as lively, bustling boy.

Ahmad and his family live in Al Zahra district in the middle of the Gaza Strip, exactly next to the building of the Civil Defense. On the morning of December 27th, Ahmad took his breakfast, put on his boots and went out to go for playing in his nearby garden.


"Now it's your turn"

london-Gaza, May 7 (Pal Telegraph) -For months now I have been trying to make sense of what happened in Gaza. And yet I never know where to start or how to find the one story that says everything that needs to be said about what happened-and still is happening-to us.

I have many accounts to choose from and pictures as well. I am a photojournalist, you see, and I have been documenting in words and pictures the shortages of food and electricity that preceded the attack and continue to this day, and the many civilians who were killed, maimed, or made homeless during those terrible 22 days in late December and early January.

I have collected many accounts of bravery and despair under extremely trying circumstances. My house was exposed to shrapnel from Israeli rockets. Without power, I had to walk around four kilometers (about two and a half miles) in the middle of this cruel attack, simply to charge my laptop in order to get the truth out. Now it's your turn. I am asking you now to carry my story forward.


"MORE TORTURE Trouble for Israel

Well, well, this reminds me of Iraq, perhaps the Bush Administration learned this little trick from Israel. Hide the torture chambers, Shhhhhhhhhh,mums the word.......
Not so fast, the UN wants to see them.
The United Nations anti-torture committee has demanded access to an Israeli secret prison where torture is allegedly being practiced.

The UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva prepared a document on Israel's record on torture on Tuesday and called on Tel Aviv to release information on the alleged "Facility 1391" which is situated in an "undetermined location within Israel and which is not accessible to the International Committee of the Red Cross or detainees' lawyers or relatives."

"Allegations of torture, ill-treatment and poor detention conditions in this facility have been reported to the committee," read the document.

The committee said it had received reports according to which "Palestinian detainees are subjected by Israeli security officials to acts in violation" of the anti-torture convention, including beatings, sleep deprivations and sharp twisting of the head.

The committee is scheduled to publish a report on Tuesday's hearing on May 15.

According to reports, Palestinian detainees were kept in solitary confinement in cells that ranged from 3 to 6 square meters with no windows or access to daylight or fresh air.

Several reports from at least eight NGOs, including B'Tselem, Hamoked Center for the Defense of the Individual, Physicians for Human Rights and Amnesty International, have been received this year by the committee over Israeli violations of the UN Convention Against Torture. source
For much, much more, go to this excellent site

"Tweet This

I checked out Twitter, the latest online sensation. And here’s my review: IT SUCKS....


I'm liking her more all the time.

"The Stolen Land Market

For sale: Great location
By Daphna Golan

It’s to be hoped that the White House gets a subscription to one of the local Jerusalem newspapers ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington. Simply leafing through the giant advertisements would save American and Israeli taxpayers significant amounts of time, money and grief.

Israel has long promised there would be no new construction in West Bank settlements. President Shimon Peres reiterated this promise recently to Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, whose country currently holds the European Union presidency. Topolanek, in turn, promised to work to improve Israeli-European relations. Netanyahu, during his U.S. visit, is certain to repeat the same lies uttered by Peres.


I don't pick and post from his website that much because he's a better man than I in so many ways; however, I so value his from-the-heart of the Holy Land reporting and political philosophy of nonviolence.

"Israel ...Did You say You did not committ War crimes in Gaza?

By Ken Picard

Photo courtesy of National Lawyers Guild

Muhammed Shurrab holds photos of his murdered sons

.... According to a January 28 statement issued by Sen. Leahy, Shurrab’s father, Muhammed, and two brothers, Kassab, 28, and Ibrahim, 18, were driving home from their family farm on January 16 during a three-hour humanitarian ceasefire. The reprieve was to allow civilians to restock food, water and other provisions.

There was no indication that Shurrab’s family was traveling on a road considered unsafe to civilians. Nevertheless, members of the Israeli Defense Forces opened fire on the family’s vehicle in an unprovoked attack, wounding all three occupants. Shurrab’s older brother, Kassab, leapt from the car in a panic and was shot 18 times. Shurrab’s father and other brother, Ibrahim, were also injured, but were prevented by Israeli soldiers from accessing medical attention, even though there was a hospital less than a mile away.

“Muhammed tried everything he could to save his son, Ibrahim, who was bleeding to death before his eyes,” Leahy said in his statement. The father called the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and several news agencies, including the BBC, on his cellphone to plea for help, but Israeli IDF soldiers didn’t allow an ambulance onto the scene for 22 hours. By the time one arrived, Ibrahim was dead.


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Israel Purposely Fired on School in Gaza Can You Spell Guilty For This And Much More... Say The Last 60 Years!

You can open the window a little wider, too, readers.

"April: Kids on wheels in Jabalia & other farewells


Here again are the children of our Jabalia friends, one of the many lovely families I spent last week saying goodbye to. The wheelchair belongs, not to any of the kids thank goodness, but to the father of the oldest boy, who lacks both legs, yet continues to tackle life with humour and enthusiasm. It made me smile to watch them use the chair for their games. But it reminded me of something I saw recently; two young friends, boys of about 12, going down the street side by side. One was on his bike, the other in his motorised wheelchair. This is Gaza. Read the rest of this post »"

For so many other tales that need telling, please go HERE

Then a moment of silence before you read. Thank you)

"Some readers called me to ask why I had stopped writing. What happened?

I'll let her tell you. Please read: MORE

"Support Zionism or else

I hope I do not lose readers from this post.... --MORE-- "

You haven't lost me; in fact, you are one of the sources I look to (among others) when it comes to Londontown.

"Victims of Conflict

Dawn Editorial

Children growing up today in squalid refugee camps may well be the militants of tomorrow.


The humanitarian crisis in the country’s conflict zones is deepening by the day. Caught in the crossfire between militants and security forces, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been forced to leave their homes in Bajaur, Darra Adamkhel, Kurram, Mohmand, Orakzai, Swat and Waziristan. This human tragedy, which was years in the making, has now reached critical proportions.

Making a dire situation even more appalling, the ranks of the displaced have been swelled in recent days by those fleeing the bloodshed in Dir and Buner. And now, with the military taking on the Taliban in their stronghold, a mass exodus is taking place in the valley of Swat. As mortar shells fired by both sides explode around them and helicopter gunships strafe militant targets on the ground, helpless civilians are trying to grab what they can and escape before the fighting becomes even more intense. The ceaseless violence aside, their plight is exacerbated by strict curfew restrictions....


That is another site I could spend a day on: There Are No Sunglasses

In fact, I think I will.

The site challenges some of my own preconceptions and beliefs, and offers extensive coverage of an area and people I very much love.