Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tales to Tell

"Talestotell is getting published in Jan 2010!


All the stories you have read here are going out into the world, when Gaza: Beneath the Bombs is published in January by Pluto Press. Please post a message here if you’d like to order a copy or two. In fact… I’ll make you a gift voucher if you would like to give the “promise” of a copy to someone for Christmas. Let me take the chance to say thank you, from me and Gaza, to all those of you who read this blog. Pluto took into account the large scale of readership when they decided to publish – so you helped make it happen – and as a thank you I’d like to make copies available to you for £10 instead of the £12.99 it will be in the shops. Any money raised will go on further Gaza projects, maybe involving me or maybe not!

Info about book events is available here and will be updated as more comes in…