Monday, October 26, 2009

Does 9/11 Truth Matter?

I'd like to yes; however, Americans don't seem to care much about the lies, and they don't even want to know when you mention it to them. The whole program just rolls along and no one seems to care. Message received loud and clear, fellow citizens.

"Why 911 Truth Matters


Thousands of men and women were murdered on September 11, 2001....

When times are financially tough and government fails to provide goodies, citizens in a democracy simply fall prey to new demagogues....

At least four-fifths of humanity lacks both interest and ability with abstractions and, therefore, has very little grasp of political philosophy and economic theory. Consequently, most citizens are reluctant to propose systemic changes. However, what they can grasp easily, emotionally, and with vicarious enjoyment, is cold-blooded murder. The terrible video images of human beings falling to their deaths from upper floors of the World Trade Center buildings can never be erased mentally.

Persons, having been conditioned to look toward government for material benevolence....

However, as the banker-run U.S. government fails to maintain minimal economic stability and is also shockingly discovered to be the real 911 murderer, Americans will demand.....

NOTHING!! They just want to know when the game is on.


Now I have a message for you, fellow citizens: FUCK YOU!

I know that is a real turn off and you are inclined not to listen to me (strange how you still believe proven liars) because I'm angry and swear.

My response to that?


Yeah, STICK YOUR HEAD back up that ass and hope you don't have to hear anything that troubles you. To hell with the world, to hell with the country, the game is on!