Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mind Over Murder

"The Power of Conscience in the Human Mind

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A lot of people are deeply troubled about the world and the times in which we live. It could be that these things have always been going on but we just never realized it to the extent that we do now. There’s so much that we know now that we didn’t know before. We know that Israel is nothing more than a front for the Rothschild banking family and we also know that same banking family worked to put the regime in place that performed some amount of mayhem upon a variety of people for which a specific people took all the victim currency and that the whole thing was arranged to set up the mechanism so that the Rothschilds would have their own country and here we are today.This country now threatens the entire world as well as controlling a number of the most powerful nations via blackmail, economic leverage and media control among other things.

This same country is in the forefront of a relentless effort to destroy the family unit, Christianity, Islam ….and promote a moral breakdown via a number of avenues which you can easily guess at and see and find the names involved as well. You can tie actual people to a variety of causes that presume to offer certain civil rights and sexual rights protections whose true agenda is something else and you can see it. You can take the names and you can associate those names with all kinds of other evidence but… even though it’s right there in front of you and can be identified and defined, it’s not there because the people standing right in front of you doing what I just mentioned say they are not… evidence be damned.

A reader pointed out at Smoking Mirrors a couple of days ago that the six-pointed star appropriated by Israel and called the Star of David actually comes from the Hindu tradition. I think you will find that the essence of every religion and valid symbol in the world does so… there it is. We’re finding out that historically a great deal of the Old Testament is a lie. It’s a fabrication that is increasingly being disproved by modern research and excavation.

We’ve always known that a great deal of history is a lie. Every time we look deeply into something we find out it’s not what ‘they’ said it was. The crimes committed against the German people at the end of World War 2 were truly horrific in scope but they don’t get discussed. What took place during the Bolshevik Revolution is a known fact but it’s bypassed when it’s taught in schools. American policy galvanized the Khmer Rouge murder spree. We know this but the details are smudged and fudged so that the same thing can happen again somewhere else and be explained the same way again; just as Kissinger is explaining Afghanistan in relation to Vietnam in Newsweek and never once mentions the role he played and is still playing today. He’s one of the major war criminals walking around today.

I don’t know if it was because he went after The Queen (not Elton John) or Henry Kissinger that caused Christopher Hitchens to desert his principals and become a drunken buffoon of a sanctimonious hypocrite via manufactured epiphany on no road I know of that runs to Damascus. Something happened. Obviously someone had a serious talk with him. I knew him before and I see him now and I thank god I am not him. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lie every time you sit down at your keyboard and know you are lying but a whole lot of people do. I imagine I lie sometimes, if only by assumption but every thing I’ve said so far this morning is a granite hard fact and easily proven. I’ve proven these things to people before and they look right at the hard, cold facts and they go, “those aren’t facts”. You can show people straight out how they are killing themselves and others as well and quite often you will make them angry because the truth is an enemy to the fantasy they call their lives.

Oh I could go on and on like beautiful Pacific combers on the pristine shores of a Polynesian beach on a perfect day but that’s not why I’m here today. I’m not here to trot out the same indisputable truths that liars dispute in defense of the lie that is their lives. You know these things or you don’t. Certainly you will find out one way or another because one of these days you will be there because that’s how it works and that’s what I want to talk about now that I’m halfway through this thing.

People often mention The Lord of the Rings here and that includes me. The parallels between the worlds are amazing. What hits me most strongly is how The Ring was the power that united the minds of those engaged in the dark efforts. Once the ring went into the volcano, the servants of Mordor became unhinged in their minds and dispersed in confusion. There was no will holding them together any longer. I see the same thing due to happen here.

Those whom we can say are serving the dark purpose have an impressive array of weapons. They control the general flow of information. They have armies and terrible weapons on hand. They control most banks and governments. They control the markets and therefore most of what is connected to them. Those of us milked and manipulated by them have very little in defense. We are not even organized among ourselves but we do have some weapons that will, in the end, prove more powerful than anything they have or ever will have.

Our greatest weapon is their conscience. Most people have one but few people are aware of what is invested in the conscience. The conscience is empowered to destroy the one possessing it, once sufficient violations have occurred. The conscience is a time bomb that warns you as you approach detonation. Those obsessed with self-interest see it as a mere annoyance. It is far more than that. It is an integral component of existence itself. It’s not to be trifled with.

Another portion of the dark servants is the psychopaths. They have no conscience. They are a peculiarity of the times. Whenever materialism becomes seemingly preeminent, psychopathy flourishes. It is a part and parcel of materialism. Materialism, since it is based on the worship and acquisition of temporary things, is doomed according to the life span of the very thing upon which it is based; the phenomenal world. It is also therefore a religion.

The engine that powers psychopathy is the same engine that powers everything. A mere throw of the switch removes the force of its being. The progression of coming events is going to trip that switch and it is also going to activate the explosive potential of the conscience in everyone betraying their own best interests and that of their fellows. The conscience is a shield against going the wrong way. The wrong way, like the right way, is a destiny in itself. It can’t be compromised on the way to resolution. When the levers trip every single person is going to experience the truth of their relationships to everything around them and to themselves. This is what the paradigm is about. This is what it’s all about. It’s not about what’s going on outside and around you. It’s about what’s going on inside of you and the values by which you have defined yourself.

The cosmos is a precise and perfect mechanism with a definite purpose whose intention and processes move through a vastness of time and event far beyond the scope of the human mind. That’s why it often makes no sense to us and why people insist that no divinity, worth the qualities attributed to it, could exist as such, given the tragic occurrences we see here. Our vision, intellect and awareness are all much too limited to see the whole picture. However, as I often like to say, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.

One of the things that materialism attacks is one’s faith in the deeper truths. Accordingly it becomes difficult to hold on to your certitude, provided you have any. Doubt and despair war in our minds because of our reliance on visible evidence. It doesn’t look good. Still, I want to say once again, there’s a reason for everything and the whole drama is under control and working toward a definite and telling end.

Think hard on these things and consider what we know of history. Consider what great art has shown us and the visions, lives and pronouncements of the extraordinary souls that have passed among us and left their footprints for our consideration. Some things you have to do all by yourself (at least it seems so) and some conclusions and convictions you must arrive at on your own or you will never truly possess them. That is up to you. It is better to possess the higher qualities that are there to be found in all of us …and which adversity can reveal in trial and trauma, than to be possessed by the alternatives.

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