Saturday, October 24, 2009

AmeriKa's Carnival Barker

"Israel A Rogue Nation Of War Criminals

by Karl Schwarz


.... You need not worry about making decisions on the basis of Jewish votes Barky. Your ass is gone in 2012. You have Carter and Clinton smiling ear-to-ear at your ineptitude and dishonesty. You, Barky, are even making Bush ­ Cheney look good and that should be impossible.
I think most of the UN members feel like the rest of the world in that there is no evidence whatsoever that Israel has at any time in the past six decades sincerely pursued peace with its neighbors. It is an endless process of no peace due to the endless lies of Israel 'all schizophrenic talk' and abusive conduct that is not conducive to making peace with a pet rock.

Their possible attempt to whack the Islamic leader of an alleged friend (Turkey) because he was really offended at what the Goldstone Report disclosed might have influenced how the world sees the Terrorist Zionist state of Israel right now. Frankly, Israel has few friends and for that they have only themselves to blame. They have nations that they blackmail and extort, but friends are not to be found for this bunch of whining, schizophrenic, belligerent, threatening bunch of self-serving war criminals in the Knesset.

They started their nation with a band of terrorists and it remains to this day a nation run by a band of terrorists and scofflaws. If you do not believe me, fly toIsrael and voice your Christian outrage at what these thugs do to other humans. You might somehow survive, or you might be beaten with an IDF rifle butt into a coma, or just shot. Go check out how the 'papers' specify as Jew or non-Jew, as if that is not racist. They have tolerance for nothing but Zionist Jews but those people are not the real pious Judaic Jews. They are somewhat akin to the fable of the wolf hiding in the sheep's clothing, and just like leopards they never change their spots even when they profess that they have changed their schizophrenic lying ways.

Most people have truly reached that 'enough is enough' stage with Zionist Israel and its hostile, hateful actions towards all except those within their own clique. It is not a religion; Zionism is a power-cult clique that is littered with schizophrenic terrorists, liars, thieves and people who conduct illegal activities to make a living.

I have been giving this Israel matter a lot of thought and think the world needs to draw the line in the sand. The time has come to do just that and it is way past time to do that. We have enough fruit cakes in this world without turning a blind eye to the biggest fruit loops of all.

Israel wants hate laws everywhere so that no one can even question 'their holocaust', their version of facts or truth, their lies, their criminal actions, their policies, their terrorism, their hate towards others while at the same time denying their role in a long series of Holocausts throughout the Twentieth Century. Well, when a minority of about 2-3% in just a few nations demands such tyranny over the majority I learned long ago that they have something to hide or they are just a bunch of arrogant elitist pricks that think erroneously that they are better than everyone else.

It is time to teach this schizophrenic minority what the Democratic majority issue is all about. They can bitch and whine all they wish, and the majority has the right to tell them to sit down and shut up. I am absolutely certain that Jews, especially Zionist Israel-First Jews are not a voting majority in the United States.

I have recommended it before: Boycott Israel, emphatically.

I have suggested recently that it is time to boycott Israel and that was primarily due to them running flesh trafficking, prostitution, drugs, arms and child pornography trafficking, etc and pretending to be a 'Holy Land'. Even after I wrote that 'Boycott Israel' piece they were caught yet again in the US andRomania in organ smuggling operations, as in human organs not Wurlitzer organs.

Whorey Land is more accurate.

These Zionist pricks will do anything for a buck or a shekel and not even care if they are breaking the law or the harm they do to other people. Their thought processes and lifestyle are criminal in nature. Once caught, out come the bogus 'anti-Semite' claims for accurately pointing the finger at a liar or a thief or a scumbag and precisely calling a spade a spade.

Why do they want Gaza? Read up on the huge natural gas deposits off the coast of Gaza, not to mention the ocean front property these Zionist mobsters probably covet. You can bet all you have that they envision another Las Vegas strip with ocean front property that does not belong to them.

However, the more I think about it the time has come to put this blood thirsty scofflaw criminal-minded schizophrenic minority in their place.

Boycott War Criminal Israel.

Also, do not worry about what Barky & Gang are doing. Except for those now dead or maimed due to their war crimes it can be reversed, by law. Americajust needs to find a real leader, not the likes of nitwits GHWB, Clinton, the Village Idiot Bush or Barky & Gang.

Boycott Israel and start making plans for America Regime Change 2012.
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