Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He No Longer Wants to Hear the Lies

Neither do I.

".... My methods may not suit everyone. I’m still learning as I go and am a work in progress but some things need be said because lies can kill you. The few of us with the stones to speak out against the psychopathy of Zionism and Israel are labeled as what we are not....

You can only say what you know; never forgetting what you do not know. I will add that silence is a form of complicity.

It is past disputing that Israel was involved in plotting 9/11. It is past disputing that there are serious exaggerations in the historical records of events long gone. It is past disputing that Operation Cast Lead was a war crime and that the Palestinians are victims of genocide. It is past disputing that Israel is a much greater danger to the world than Iran ever will be. The insidious daily lies of the catamite press seek to twist reality into something it is not and unless some number of us expose these lies, these lies will go on being carved into the stone that hangs around our collective necks.

People may not want to hear the truth but some of us don’t want to hear the lies either....