Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Living in AmeriKa

"My Life as a NAZI

Hey, modern America, 2009 - not really so so bad - after all - I can get a cheeseburger with anything I want on it for under ten bucks with a coke too! Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are in operation - gasoline prices aint too bad since it's Fall - heck - once a person gets used to living in debt they can never repay (and might I add, never signed up for) - life is fairly normal. It's changed a bit since the 90's though - now - when the loansharks call they are calling from India. Geez - you would think when India came along we'd import Ghandi - instead we get the sonofabitch that runs 7-11!

Oh well - so what? Just don't answer the phone and keep on pretendin' it'll all be OK in the morning. Yeah I know we are torturing people - I've seen the pictures - I know the politicians are being blackmailed and controlled by agents of foreign governments - but as long as I keep my big mouth shut and do as I'm told everything will blow over.

Damn - but the war in Afghanistan - based on a pack of lies - prompted by a false-flag operation orchestrated at the highest levels of the US government - something about that bothers me. What? How about this month just took over as the deadliest month for service personnel in theater. Ah - hey nobody in my immediate family is in danger so what do I care? So what if the Afghanistan war is now the AFPAK war - which means they've added another COUNTRY to the war - so what? So what if the Congress is supposed to declare war? Hey I'm not in the war, I'm sitting here in front of my fireplace with a laptop computer - nice and cozy. Afghanistan - where's that? Oh - isn't that were Pat Tillman got three rounds in the forehead from an American rifle? Who cares?

I've been reminded often by everyone I know what a pathetic figure I am - sitting here typing on my laptop - trying to get the word out about the confiscation of my rights to fight an undefinable war (War on Terror cannot be defined to my satisfaction) when there are bills to be paid. Shit - Jack Rabbit - how much money are you making on that blog? That's what they ask me. The answer is about 20 cents a month. Yeah - it's worth it right?

Anyway - I guess I'll just have another beer and wait for the next government-led panic attack. The swine flu never scared me because we went through that when I was a kid and it was fake then too. That's the nice thing about re-runs - you know the ending! Jokes on all you young people and panic-stricken soccer moms!

Yeah - anyway - I need to get back to work. I'm getting too goddam old to carry a rifle to the satisfaction of the U.S. military in over 130 nations - so joining up is out....

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