Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Dirty Politics of the PA

"Palestinian Protester to Blair: You are a Terrorist


“You are a terrorist, you are not welcome in the land of Palestine”. A Palestinian from the Hamdan family shouted these words in the face of Tony Blair, Quartet Representative for “Peace” in the Middle East, when he arrived at the Iron Cage at the entrance of the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. A bodyguard of Tony “the poodle” Blair overwhelmed the angry Palestinian when he approached phony Tony, and dragged him several meters away.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that the citizen, who shouted in the face of Tony Blair, was subjected several times to attacks by the Israeli occupation soldiers in the heart of city of Hebron, just as all the Palestinian people who live in the heart of the old city are subjected to regular attacks from the IDF and the Jewish criminal squatters as part of their daily life. The heart of the old city of Hebron, turned under the Israeli occupation into a concentration camp closed by iron gates controlled by the IDF occupation.

The visits of Tony Blair to the Palestinian towns are frowned upon by the Palestinian public opinion, he is not welcome in our land and in our cities. The PA media coverage does not show this fact, because the visits of Tony Blair are part of the dirty “politics” of the PA....

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