Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Divine Commentary

"Four motivators for the war on terror

Given that our “war on terror’s” real aims are illusory. Let’s consider what authentic reasons there might be, and what forces are propelling it?

.1/ The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) is always ready for profit, being devoid of any ideology or ethics they can be discounted as specifically targetting the Middle East as they would be happy to pulverise any nation.

.2/ Others accused are the Oil companies, but this might not be true, voices have been heard saying the oil companies did not want the wars, they were still able to get the oil through negotiation, indeed a lot of Iraq’s oil has been awarded to Chinese firms. Leaving (our) US oil companies in the dark.

“In actual fact, the Iraq war will more likely hurt Western oil companies than help them. “ source

.3/ There is the Gay community who are most vehemently opposed to Islam. And while two males wishing to love each other should be nobody elses concern, where does this leave us when it comes to decision makers in foreign policy? Britain’s most powerful man is openly gay. The Prime Minister is still the Prime Minister out of indebtedness to Lord Mandelson. Lord Mandelson sits on 35 parliamentary committees out of 44 , more than the prime Minister himself. And we are busy bombing Muslim weddings and funerals.


“It is obvious that Peter Mandelson is the real unelected prime minister pulling the strings at No 10″, a Conservative spokesman said BBC source

.The power of the Gay lobby cannot be discounted, the Anglo Saxon world is the main warmongering entity on this planet. Our Prime Ministers and President can rarely go a week without paying homage to Homosexuality. And yet upon examination it is most rampant in oppressive environments. The virtual slave labour of Apartheid South African mines and factories and prisons are two examples. Is our form of Capitalism oppressive?

.Everyone is seen as a potential profit, and most of us are selling something we never made, how soul destroying.

.4/ Lastly, why are we bombing people from Palestine to Pakistan? What do all these people have in common? They all live in clans. They are not enjoying genetic diversity to its fullest potential.


A property of a community of organisms of a certain species, in which members of the community have variations in their chromosomes due to a large number of slightly dissimilar ancestors, this property makes the community in general more resistant to diseases or to changing ecological conditions. source

.In Pakistan we are only targeting the Tribal areas. In any of the cities where we perpetuate hostility, whether it is Hebron (Khalil) in the West Bank or Fallujah in Iraq. There are a myriad of clans, some large and some small.



And so by punishing them all and stampeding them this way and that, and polluting them so that they have birth deformities (and here, and here). Our rulers can hope to end up with a diverse, transient and consumer orientated population, devoid of cohesion.



It is worth considering that the rules and objectives of many of our secret societies, (Freemasons is just one example) were often ordained over a hundred years ago, by people who are no longer alive, and so there can be no argument or discussion about their aims. Rather like a Fatwa made by an Ayotallah.

We know our wars are bankrupting us, and we know we are committing war crimes, and that all the arguments for war are far from the real reasons and truth.

Britain admits to using ‘brutal’ vacuum bomb against Taliban
23 Jun 2008 … BRITISH forces in Afghanistan have used one of the world’s most deadly and … vacuum bomb against Taliban …

.Just as the Military have a military police, So the Jews have a Jewish police. But Israel (according to Jewish law) has no trials by Jury, and this ethos extends to all Jewish power mongering, consequently punishment in general is perceived as administrative, and often with “no fingerprints”. Murder, Physical pain, sexual humiliation, financial pain etc etc are all in the armoury.

All empires survive by taxation, and any Jew or Israeli is fair game to become a tax collector, the more ambitious do very well, implemented under a “no questions asked” ethos. The banal have a place in policing the others and indulging in the nefarious activities widely exploited to discredit others. While a very select few are allowed to portray the “respectability” of the Jews.

Jews are taught and understand that their race is genetically passed on through the Mother. Yet we have a race of Jews more diverse than any other race on earth. And this race is constantly inculcated with otherness, that it is different and separate from humanity. It is this irony of actually representing a multitude of races that forces a false identity of aloofness.

And along with a false identity comes an indulgence in everything that is devious and false, from fiat money to transsexuals.

Could anyone possibly save the Jews from this modern incarnation of Judaica, from being faceless profiteers, from being war criminals and all the scurrilous activities required in being a Tax Man who has no fingerprints.

Like can dislike like. I see more similarities between Iran and Israel, than dissimilarities.

Are our most powerful people members of clans?


Do they wish to dominate or extinguish all other clans?

.As for the rest of us – we are just fodder. And consider what we are fighting for…




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