Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why the Next False Flag Will Fail

(For my part I will not be fooled again)


There are a great many people convinced that there will be another terror attack in the US soon, as a prelude to the war that clearly is being sold to us. Certainly the mainstream media is playing "Wag the Ahmadinejad " at us as hard as they can. Most people, myself included, are of the opinion that such an event will be another fake terror attack, like 9-11, to be blamed on the target of the pending invasion but actually carried out by the US and Israel. According to a recent poll, a majority of Americans hold that view of 9-11 itself.

But for the hard core true believers, the men and women so scared of the US Government that they will not even allow the merest hint of doubt or question to enter their minds, lest their souls be eternally damned, the ones so wrapped in the flag that all the blood to their brains has been cut off, I will tell you what another big "bang" inside the US is likely to mean to them.

A big "bang" means Homeland Security is a total failure.

A big "bang" means that the government's promise to keep us safe is a lie, as large as the one about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

A big "bang" means that hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted on security systems that do not work.

A big "bang" means that those who fall for the lie that the terrorism is committed by nations that hate our freedoms will be forced to recognize that those enemies must be far smarter than Americans, in order to get past all that security and all those billions of dollars in scanners, spies, cameras, uniforms, X-rays, gamma detectors, neutron back-scatter units and dogs.

A big "bang" means that the funny machine that lets airport people look at you without your clothes on really is just an expensive peep show booth, with you as the unwitting pornographic star.

A big "bang" means all our wives and daughters were groped and fondled for nothing.

A big "bang" means that all our tools, Swiss Army Knives, Leatherman tools, and other pocket gadgets were looted from us and kept by TSA, or auctioned off, to no purpose at all.

A big "bang" means that the airport goon who dropped my laptop, wrecked my computer without making me any safer for it at all.

A big "bang" means that everyone whose job or career was wrecked by a government "terror" investigation had their lives ruined for no reason.

A big "bang" means that we put up with four-hour delays getting into the airport and had to smell each other's stinky feet for no reason at all.

Another big "BANG" is not going to be seen as a rallying cry for a new American aggression against whomever Israel is pointing the finger at this week. Another big Bang, even if accepted as committed by a genuine enemy, will be seen as a total failure by the US Government to keep us safe despite draconian laws, and the loss of our civil liberties and privacy. The public will realize that all the listening into our phone calls and peeking at our emails really did not protect the American people from terror at all, so much as it protected the US Government from the wrath of the American people.

I think that if there is another "9-11" it will be seen as a defeat for every single US Government policy of the last 10 years.

That is what I think.


Other thoughts

"The people who brought you 9/11 are having problems with their PR and they need some new publicity that will take the public mind off of their mass murdering, genocidal activities."

And their looting.

They make me send out the warning all the time:

Something like this to be blamed on them to distract us and advance the agenda once more?

Lady Liberty In Israel's Sights


You guys

I NEVER EVEN HEARD of a FALSE FLAG OPERATION until 5 years ago thanks to my Zionist-soaked curriculum in the state indoctrina...., I mean inculca...., uh, brainwash..., no, um, ejerka...., skuel, that's right, and divisive, racist, Muslim-hating, enemy-creating, war-promoting, agenda-pushing, Zionist-controlled AmeriKan newspapers.


Sad that the sarcastic spelling is closer to the truth, ain't (sic) it?