Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everybody Knows....

"Everybody Knows - Except ME!!!!

I heard this song on Boiling Frogs :

Before you read this article or listen to the video/audio (which I would recommend because it is such an awesome song)- first picture a coffin - containing the body of your loved one in uniform. Dead of course. Fighting for freedom. Fighting terror. Then picture yourself a few years later after doing some homework realizing you've been lied to. Why not do the homework now and bring them home alive? Why not stop the filth running these fake wars NOW before it is too late and the United States is turned into a smoking rubble heap? That is what can happen my friend - in fact - that is the result of world conquest. Ugly for sure. Will you wake up and break the grasp the propagandists have on your mind? Or will you settle into your comfortable mind-numbness and HOPE for the best? It's your call. Like they say - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

1. The Media-Fake, false, owned, payed-for, liars, shills. Champions of the suppression of free speech and the denial of inalienable rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Our media is obviously corrupt because they are the biggest proponents of the restriction of the first amendment. Ha ha ha. Some media. Doesn't say much about the pussies at the FCC.

2. The government: Non-representative of WE THE PEOPLE. It doesn't matter who gets elected - an agenda apart from that desired by WE THE PEOPLE is pursued - demonstrated by their actions as contrary to their campaign lies. What does it mean when a government does the OPPOSITE of what WE THE PEOPLE WANT?

3. The Military: Completely screwed-up and at the mercy of mercenaries. Not showing the courage required to execute orders consistent with their oath. Soldiers fighting resource wars while rights they are told they are fighting for are stripped from these very veterans when they return home. Military=Dupe

4. The Economy-devastated - treasonous with the farming out of security and manufacturing - the Federal government put in place for a common defence has actually betrayed the union because they have undermined our security by farming out EVERYTHING. What security are they giving WE THE PEOPLE?

5. American Values will have to sort this out for yourself. For me - I see none of the values I was raised with affirmed in public forums. I find this disconcerting because I don't understand why we had a free country before with such freedom, but now are supposed to listen to a bunch of paranoid police-state sissies telling me everyone in the world wants to kill me for my freedoms.

6. The People - Awakening in droves - as they get involved and try to exercise rights are finding out how infringed their rights really have become. This will definitely be a friction point. This is where the "line in the sand" will be drawn and Americans will take their rights back after finally realizing how much they have been infringed for so long by so many traitors who were supposed to be protecting these very rights.

7. The Congress -BLACKMAILED- Yes - what else can explain their total disregard for what is good and right - and what is the will of their constituents except blackmail? Money? Yes. Power? Yes. What else?

8. The President - A puppet marketed into the office to forward somebody else's agenda - not yours. Get over it you poor sucker but that is the truth. Time for you to face it.

9. The future - Right now - question everything and be the biggest conspiracy theorist the world has ever known - you will be doing yourself and everyone else a favor. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Jefferson wasn't stupid. Watch for new leaders as they rise to the occasion - support them - educate yourself so as not to fall for another liar.