Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

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"(WMR) -- The way the corporate media would have it believed is that Israeli “art students” who aggressively sell cheap art door-to-door, usually at federal office buildings and the houses of government employees, are merely traveling abroad after their military service in Israel to “see the world.” In fact, these “art students” are classic intelligence operatives who have appeared before and after major terrorist events and covert operations conducted by the Mossad....


: Dancing Israelis

"CIA collusion with "Al Qaeda" financiers and attack planners

(WMR) — WMR has learned from an intelligence source from a NATO country that elements of the CIA have coordinated their activities with top Gulf state officials who have been connected to “Al Qaeda” networks that have planned and financed various terrorist attacks.

A number of the “Al Qaeda”-associated officials are veterans of the CIA’s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, including a top prince of the Al Thani royal family of Qatar who also serves as a government minister. The prince, who was shot twice in the back while fighting with the Afghan mujaheddin against the Soviets in Afghanistan, maintains close relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan and serves as a conduit between the CIA and both the Taliban and “Al Qaeda.”

The prince maintains contact with “Al Qaeda’s” financial network through contacts in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The regional security officer for the British embassy in Dubai, believed to be an MI-6 official cover, maintains contact with the Qatari prince and his “Jihadist” financial and logistics network in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This network, allowed to operate with CIA and MI-6 knowledge and soft support, also, according to our source, involves a top official in the government of Abu Dhabi who is close to the Abu Dhabi royal family....


"(U.S. has been funding terrorist acts in Iran since 2003 in yet another of a long and still growing list of CIA covert destabilization programs.)

by Jason Ditz, AntiWar

In a high profile press conference in the city of Zahedan, Iran, international media gathered to hear a statement from Abdolhamid Rigi, a high ranking member of the Balochi separatist movement Jundallah who is awaiting execution by the Iranian government for his role in a series of murders.

Rigi, whose brother Abdolmalek Rigi is the leader of the militant group, addressed a wide variety of topics and made several claims regarding long-suspected links the group has to various international organizations.

In particular, Rigi confirmed that Jundallah previously had ties with al-Qaeda for operations in Pakistan, and that the groups split in 2003 over differences of opinion about strategy in Iran. Not long after severing its ties with al-Qaeda, the group started a relationship with the United States government.

That fact has never been disputed, indeed US officials have repeatedly confirmed that the government has secretly encouraged and advised Jundallah as it fights the Iranian government. But Rigi insisted the US ties went well beyond encouragement.

Indeed, Rigi insisted that five years ago when the relationship began, the US government gave the group $100,000 and promised to provide it with “everything we needed.” He also claimed that the US was directing the group’s attacks, saying “they told us whom to shoot and whom not to. All orders came from them.”

Previously US officials had insisted the government was deliberately avoiding direct funding to avoid Congressional oversight, but the Bush Administration did funnel considerable money into “covert” operations against the Iranian government. As Jundallah has been launching high profile suicide bombings for years, any verification of direct US funding or ordering of the movement is likely to produce a considerable scandal.


".... You have two major problems that need to be dealt with immediately. The first problem is the Federal Reserve, which must be eliminated. We have discovered, through our advanced computer technology that this is the primary medium of your enslavement. This Federal Reserve is given the legal right to print money out of thin air. They can print as much as they want and… and then they loan it to their fellows at sweetheart rates while charging you far more and often refusing to loan you anything at all. They also are in a position to stop the flow of money at any time which means they control the state of the economy and can use this power to enforce their will upon you while reducing the value of your possessions and then stealing them for pennies on the dollar.

Your other major problem is that your government and the media have been taken over by agents of a foreign government and, in the words of their present, illuminati front man, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” This you have already seen with the shenanigans of Goldman Sachs, the stimulus and the bailouts, which were payments made to the very people who caused the problems in the first place. Make no mistake… our technology here in The Dog Star cluster is far in advance of your own and our findings are accurate and beyond question.

We have determined that you must eliminate The Federal Reserve which is nothing more than a consortium of vampire, blood banks with you as the thoughtful donor… or host as the case may be. The next thing you have to do is convince enough of your fellows to step off of the hamster wheel and collectively refuse to pay any taxes until order and fair dealing are restored. This will effectively bring the engines of your enslavement to a grinding halt because there will be no more of your blood and sweat to grease the gears and bearings.

You’re going to need some kind of a moral revolution as well because your entertainment media has systematically rendered you all perverts.…


"How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare

by Jeff Gates

In 2005, the Nobel Prize in Economic Science was awarded to Israeli mathematician and game theory specialist Robert J. Aumann, co-founder of the Center for Rationality at Hebrew University. This Jerusalem resident explains: “the entire school of thought that we have developed here in Israel” has turned “Israel into the leading authority in this field.”

Israeli strategists rely on game theory models to ensure the intended response to staged provocations and manipulated crises. With the use of game theory algorithms, those responses become predictable, even foreseeable—within an acceptable range of probabilities. The waging of war “by way of deception” is now a mathematical discipline.

Such “probabilistic” war planning enables Tel Aviv to deploy serial provocations and well-timed crises as a force multiplier to project Israeli influence worldwide. For a skilled agent provocateur, the target can be a person, a company, an economy, a legislature, a nation or an entire culture—such as Islam. With a well-modeled provocation, the anticipated reaction can even become a powerful weapon in the Israeli arsenal.

For instance, a skilled game theorist could foresee that, in response to a 911-type mass murder, “the mark” (the U.S.) would deploy its military to avenge that attack. With phony intelligence fixed around a preset goal, a game theory algorithm could anticipate that those forces might well be redirected to invade Iraq—not to avenge 911 but to pursue the expansionist goals of Greater Israel.

To provoke that invasion required the displacement of an inconvenient truth (Iraq played no role in 911) with what lawmakers and the public could be deceived to believe. The emotionally wrenching nature of that incident was essential in order to induce Americans to abandon rational analysis and to facilitate their reliance on false intelligence.

Americans were (predictably) provoked by that mass murder. The foreseeable reaction—shock, grief and outrage—made it easier for them to believe that an infamous Iraqi Evil Doer was to blame. The displacement of facts with beliefs lies at heart of how Israel, the world’s leading authority in game theory, induces other nations to wage their wars.

False but Plausible

To displace facts with credible fiction requires a period of “preparing the minds” so that the mark will believe a pre-staged storyline. Thus the essential role of a complicit media....


"Where is the Anti-War Movement in the Age of Obama?

Stephen Sniegoski
August 23, 2009

It appears that most liberal opponents of the wars in the Middle East/ Central Asia have ceased their opposition with the Obama presidency. The liberal Democrats who abhorred Bush’s war policy (and most grass roots liberal Democrats did vehemently oppose the Bush war policy although this was not always the case with liberal politicians and media figures) apparently were simply opposed to wars led by Republicans. As Byron York, a conservative, writes in the first article below: “For many liberal activists, opposing the war was really about opposing George W. Bush. When Bush disappeared, so did their anti-war passion.” Anti-war protest leader, Cindy Sheehan, agrees completely, stating: “The ‘anti-war’ ‘left’ was used by the Democratic Party. I like to call it the ‘anti-Republican War’ movement.”

Obama is perceived as a liberal, a man of peace, and a charismatic figure, which enables him to get away with things that had been impossible for Bush the Younger....


: Obama: More Polished Than the Last Puppet

Sheehan Calls for Peace Summit at Martha’s Vineyard

".... Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, wrote:
That is of course rather painful for those involved. One should not as a rule reveal one's secrets, since one does not know if and when one may need them again. The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.
Science has now helped to explain why the big lie is effective.

Specifically, sociologists from four major research institutions investigated why so many Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, years after it became obvious that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

The researchers found, as described in an article in the journal Sociological Inquiry (and re-printed by Newsweek):


"The more they scream 'anti-Semite' the more guilty they appear

Israel and her rabid band of Zionist backers are howling like a dog scalded with hot water that the stories coming out about illegal harvesting of human organs is 'anti-Semitic,' the ploy they always use when sordid truths come out about the Zionist entity.

What 'anti-Semitic' publications have been carrying these stories?

For one, the JPost in a May 2007 article "Israeli suspected of organ trafficking "

The Israeli involved was Professor Zaki Shapira, one of Israel's leading transplant surgeons.

And another 'anti-Semitic' media outlet, the New York Times, owned by the Jewish family of Sulzberger and their story:
THE ORGAN TRADE: A Global Black Market; Tracking the Sale of a Kidney On a Path of Poverty and Hope

Another article on organ snatching from the JPost that appeared in their July 2007 edition:

"Police uncover illegal organ trade ring"..... in Israel, using cutouts in the Ukraine.

Yet another story from the October 2000 JPost, "Presumed guilty" about Scottish tourist Alastair Sinclair.
The family of Alastair Sinclair, a Scottish tourist, who, hanged himself in an Israeli jail, was forced to bring suit for the return of missing body parts.

University of Glasgow pathologists, who did an autopsy at the request of Sinclair's family, found that it had been returned without a heart (which they suspect was used for a transplant) and without the crucial bone needed to confirm the claim that he died from hanging.
The Sinclair story raises several gruesome questions, one, did the family get the organs back and if so, how did they know they belonged to Alastair w/o DNA testing?

And did Alastair actually commit suicide or was he murdered for his organs?

What's the Swedish paper, Aftonbladet, have to say about this? THEY'VE PUBLISHED ANOTHER ARTICLE ABOUT ISRAELI'S HARVESTING HUMAN ORGANS!
Despite Israel's harsh protests, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published a second article accusing the Israeli occupation army of harvesting Palestinian organs.

In the article, published Sunday, Oisín Cantwell and Urban Andersson report from the northern West Bank village of Imatin, where 19-year-old Bilal Ahmad Ghanem was killed during a clash with Israeli occupation soldiers in 1992..

Sunday's article maintained that the organ-harvesting matter "should be investigated, either to stop the relentless Palestinian rumors, or, if the rumors prove to be true, stop the trade in body parts."
Good to see that there are still some countries and media outlets that haven't succumbed to Zionism. Back to you, Mr. Netanyahu.

Plan on celebrating the anniversary of 9/11 in a BIG way?

Nothing like a big explosion and huge fireball to get people's attention, right, Mr. Netanyahu?

An in-depth story about harvesting human organs from the unwilling and unsuspecting is Organ Selling, Organ Theft.


Also see
: FLASHBACK - Abu Kabir Operating Organ Warehouse.


"What we are dealing with is a big lie. A process of generating fake data which is then used to justify a nationwide vaccination program.

The political and corporate interests behind this Worldwide public health emergency must be the target of citizens' actions.

This public health emergency is not intended to protect humanity.

The World is at the crossroads of a major economic and social crisis. The Worldwide public health emergency serves to divert public opinion from the real crisis which is affecting the World's people. This crisis is characterised by rising poverty and unemployment an the collapse in social services, not to mention a a US-NATO multitrillion dollar high tech "war without borders" which includes the preemptive "first strike" use of nuclear weapons.

The dramatic causes and consequences of the "real crisis" which in real sense threaten the future of humanity must remain unheralded. Both the Economic Crisis and the Middle East Central Asian war are the object of routine and persistent media distortion and camouflage. In contrast, the H1N1 swine flu --despite its relatively mild and benign impacts-- is depicted as major "Save the World" endeavor."