Monday, August 24, 2009

The Grand Finale of All Their Hard Work

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"Gaboon Vipers March in their own Parade

It’s a little like Mohammed Atta’s passport sailing out of the exploded plane, which vaporized everything else, then landed in perfect condition on a New York street below. There it was serendipitously discovered by a wandering policeman who saw it winking at him from beneath the layer of gray dust that covered the Pompeian aftermath of three, free falling buildings, collapsing into their own footprints. Now they have identified the killer of Neda Soltan who turns out to be a Basiji militiaman. It seems that he’s been identified by that doctor, Arash Hejazi, who just happened to be right next to Neda when she was shot. We haven’t been told how far away the shooter was supposed to be but they’re not likely to tell us that. The doctor apparently huddled with other unnamed witnesses and they all agreed it was the Basiji militiaman.

Meanwhile, Neda’s friend and music teacher, Hamid Panahi, says there was no militia in the area and that Neda was shot in the back not in the front. I’m going to assume that he actually was probably standing right next to her.

The good doctor seems to have had more than one version to his story as reported in the MSM and also seems to be a publisher more than he does a doctor because as soon as he graduated from medical school he went into that business. I don’t guess that means anything but now the good doctor is telling another story. He says that this elusive Basiji militiaman has been identified by his ID card, which was taken off of him by the crowd which grabbed him as he tried to get away but then… but then he got away. Darn! He’s a little like that bullet that ricocheted through JFK and Governor Connolly and then finally exited in perfect shape from Connolly’s wrist like it got nothing but net.

Meanwhile a Swedish newspaper says that the IDF is harvesting the organs of kidnapped Palestinians. As expected, an Israeli paper is not too happy about that. Sweden Speaks is listed as an attack site. I couldn’t find anything of interest there. If you want the real news then you will probably have to go to What Really Happened or the handful of other sites around that are talking about this subject.

Lies swirl all around us as those who took Goebel’s advice went ahead and took control of the news. The one’s who took control of the news are working for the people described in this article, which is a fine distillation of a broader subject into a state of brevity. You’re permitted to raise your eyebrows over the preceding sentence.

I linked that article on psychopaths for two reasons. The first reason is that it lays out an easy to understand definition of the basic mindset of a psychopath. The other reason is that the solution given is one you will recognize from having seen it at this location more than once. Eventually the world has to step away from the murderous engines of the few and allow them to collapse under their own weight.

I also tend to think that marooning these reptile minds on a desert island for the purpose of some kind of reality show is also a workable idea. Of course, it always comes down to who gets to decide who is a psychopath and then we run into problems.

Things would probably just go on the way they have always gone; the peoples of the world continuing to be murdered, raped and enslaved by a psychopathic elite but… these are different times. Everything is being exposed. People are waking up and those who are reluctant to wake up are going to be woken up fairly shortly, whether they like it or not. There’s some kind of joker, or jokers, in the deck this time around and that bodes no good for the snake people.

Sooner or later, Israel is going to attack Iran. They are going to attack Lebanon again too because they want that Litani River water and they are getting pretty short water wise. Even stealing most of the Palestinian water isn’t helping much. Once Israel attacks Iran the world is going to turn upside down. Russia isn’t going to stand idly by and Iran will close the Straits of Hormuz. This is the world’s major bottleneck for the majority of the world’s oil.

The Israeli press, which is most of the world press, keeps hammering away at the lie that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. They are not. You couldn’t blame them if they were; given the death threat they live under from the Middle East’s most prominent and dangerous Gaboon Viper. But they are not building a nuclear weapon and the IAEA has made that clear… even if it gets small mention in the MSM.

The countdown for the attack seems to be somewhere between September and Christmas, rather sooner than later… and this will be preceded by a false flag attack of major dimensions in Europe and/or the United States. Given that the American public is being roused against the fascist direction of its unchanging leadership we can expect at least one homegrown incident related to an available militia. I expect the psychopathic Gaboon Vipers to pull out stops for what they consider to be the grand finale of all their hard work over the previous decades.

Israel is going to need some kind of a staged event by the Palestinians as well in order to justify their intended wholesale murder and expulsion of all remaining Palestinians from District 9.

Once you are clear on the agenda of the psychopaths at work it all becomes pretty easy to understand. You learn that they were behind nearly every terror attack. You learn that there is no Al Qaeda. You learn that the U.S. is funding the Taliban the way they funded Saddam in years past. You learn that Iran was the intended prize before Afghanistan was even hit. You learn that the war in Afghanistan has more to do with the opium and oil futures than anything to do with anything else. You can see they’ve made a sandwich with Afghanistan and Iraq being the bread… and Iran the filling.

You learn to immediately recognize that the murder of any Neda Soltan has been accomplished by the psychopaths for viral world trafficking through their Twitter medium. You learn to accept that anything bad that you read about in the news must eventually lead back to the same psychopaths; tidal waves and earthquakes excluding… maybe.

You learn that “history is bunk” and that, “every ship of state sails on a river of darkness”. You’ll want to read the last link given very carefully. It says it all.

The psychopaths are going down. It’s their nature. They’ve had a long run at everyone’s expense and now all of their carefully crafted lies are coming apart at the seams. The pity is that they are going to take a lot of people down with them but… these people made that decision for themselves. These people are mindlessly burrowing through the deeper darkness of the material realm… playing mindless games and chattering about celebrity tits and fluff bunnies while stuffing their faces with toxic foods. It eventually comes down to whatever is important to you. It’s easy to find out where people are at. The fact is that we usually don’t want to know because of the disappointment involved.

We don’t want to have to realize that we are under camouflage in a kingdom of zombies. If we don’t scratch anyone’s surface then we won’t see what the paint conceals. We go along to get along and we ride that wave right into the abyss.

Here in the final moments of the resolution of the age we are going to get to see what everyone is made out of and we are going to get to see what we are made out of too. We’re already showing our colors every day. Some of that’s going to change but not as much as you might think. Living in a cage with a couple of buttons to push, it’s no surprise that any other options have long receded from the general, monkey mind. Gaboon Vipers occasionally eat monkeys but they prefer rats. They’re pretty docile on their bellies but they are Hell itself when they sprout legs.

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