Friday, August 14, 2009

A Visible Carbon Footprint

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"Leave Good Footprints- Cave Dei Videt
Yesterday, Michael Rivero made the statement that he would no longer link to AP articles because links create traffic and he doesn’t feel like supporting that. Yes, AP is a collection of anonymous, informed sources that lie in support of the fascist intent of corporate world takeover. They’re a pack of whores and their employers are pimps in pinstripes.

This struck me and I realized that I have been unwittingly assisting in this ♫as time goes by♫, so I’m going to do what I usually do when I learn or understand something that I hadn’t known or understood before, I’m going to apply it. In this case I’m going to apply it across the board and take it several steps further by no longer linking to ‘any’ MSM news site again. I’ll just say I saw it in the MSM, you’ll have to look for it on your own

The way my mind works is that I reflexively eject most thoughts that come into my mind because they are looking for a free lunch at my expense. They want to feed at the well of my desire or longing by giving the impression that they are what I desire or long for. The thoughts that I do not eject are the ones that, for whatever reason, catch my attention and cause me to investigate them; why did they show up? Where did they come from? And… what are they trying to tell me?

Here is something I discovered a long time ago. When I look into something, I usually find something. Here is something I discovered more recently, there’s usually something underneath the initial discovery and something more underneath that and… so on and so forth. So when I look at something of interest now, I don’t stop with the surface acquisition. I keep studying and probing and… you know what? It seems to me that you can discover the secret of the universe in anything, if you just keep digging into any particular thing, until you discover its essential nature. That’s because the essential nature of anything is the essential nature of everything. You theoretical mathematicians with a metaphysical bent already know this. Everything real that we doubt, because we don’t know how to manipulate it, is proven in spades, if we could just learn that the passionate intensity of the surface and the bottomless depths are the same. It’s just a difference in perspective.

Ergo… all truths are connected somewhere and all lies are too. A firm focus of inquiry into any lie causes it to reveal its inconsistency and disappear. A firm focus of inquiry into any truth causes it to appear and reveal its quality.

I’m going to leave this area of mind play now and try to say in plain terms what I came here to say this morning. I can already feel some people’s eyes glazing over and some are asking themselves why this isn’t at Visible Origami instead of simmering here in the Petri Dish. So…

…what Michael said got me thinking deeper into the thing and I realized that in my efforts to speak the truth there are times, no doubt, when I am dragging engines of disinformation along with me as object examples of what is not the truth and sometimes using them as evidence of something, when… these engines of disinformation never told the truth at any time even when it looks to us like they did.

This got me thinking that I ought to turn my lens of inquiry upon myself when I go about the business of passing on information because, the odds are, I’m not right all the time and that means I’m casting some amount of shadow in my passage in pursuit of the light. I was thinking that this is how it always gets back to what it was after awhile. A whole lot of people set out to speak the truth and live correctly. The passionate exuberance of youth finds us dreaming of our careers as doctors and lawyers, policemen and politicians, where we make a difference in the world but… the majority wind up doing exactly what their predecessors did before them. It starts with little corruptions and sooner or later, self interest, along with ease and expediency are driving the car.

Every generation finds out what their antecedents discovered. They all make deals with the darkness. It is the rare individual that hangs in there at the loss of what everyone else sold out for. This poor fool who won’t make the necessary accommodations, now becomes an embarrassment to everyone who did make accommodations …and a pain in the ass to the bankers and merchants that own everyone else’s ass. The next thing you know is that someone is muttering, “Will no one free me of this troublesome priest?”

I mentioned how most of the thoughts that enter our mind are just looking for a free lunch. It also serves that once they get that lunch they will be back for dinner and the following day’s breakfast. They get larger ♫as time goes by♫ and some of them come to require all your efforts just to feed them and this is how people get old in a hurry and wind up spending their lives to accommodate entities that mean them no good.

All the alternatives media eventually becomes the MSM. All the successful efforts to drive out corruption eventually become generators of corruption. Every nation based on the concept of personal liberty eventually turns into a state of tyranny. This is because of the compromises and adjustments they all make once they’ve become trusted institutions and they work that trust all the way to the point where no one trusts them anymore. That’s called success.

This was my intent in not having any advertising; not trading links (even though people get mad at me and think I’m a jerk), not playing footsie with larger alternative media and being dropped by many after it became clear that our brief courtship was not going to result in my dropping my pants and I wound up being linked at the same two larger sites I started out with.

The prosecuting district attorney nails the bad guys and then gets nailed because he was nailing prostitutes; getting setup by agents of the folks he nailed on his way to wherever it was he finally didn’t arrive at. The political priest moves up in the ranks and then slides his hands down into the pants of the innocents he was charged with protecting. If you want a relatively crime free society then you have to be aware of the criminal elements and manage them but you had better manage them inside yourself to begin with.

The people being screwed the most at the moment are the people who played by the rules and the people doing most of the screwing are the people who perverted the rules for their own enterprises and spend their time praising and enforcing virtues they never possessed to begin with. This is how come full time profligates spend all their time preaching about continence and abstinence and laughing at the one’s who take them seriously because they hung the ‘free lunch’ sign in their minds the moment they realized it was a lot less work to pretend to be something instead of actually doing it. They praise industry and savings while they offshore the one and loot the other.

There’s no way this system survives because it has RUN ITS TERM. This is something you need to know. This isn’t something you fix, because it was broken to begin with. The best we can hope for is an increase in the exposure and prosecution of the criminals (and that is in progress) while we build something new out of the ashes. It won’t mean anything though unless it really is something new and it won’t get anywhere unless we build it into ourselves in the first place and remember that quote about ‘eternal vigilance being the price of liberty’.

No man becomes a slave who did not sell himself into servitude in the first place …and all because he thought he wanted something he found out he didn’t want, shortly after he got it. It tastes like ashes because it is composed of ashes; the burned out fruits of misinformed desire.

We’re coming up on the denouement and we’re going to be sitting in judgment of ourselves. It would have been nice if more of us had tumbled to the reality of that a long time ago.