Friday, August 14, 2009

God Is at Work

"For all of you who presently despair and wane grim and feeble at the appearance of the dark’s seeming, overwhelming might… look… look at what the moment is revealing and console yourselves with the understanding that some unknown hand is at work.... you ain’t seen nothing yet"

He has no idea how much I value and need to read his writings

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"The Tonawanda Whitefish and the Apocalypse

The stink of it reaches into the heavens. The residents of the moon are experiencing a regularity of dry heaves from the stench of the ugly activities of the world’s number one predator nation. For sixty years, the Zionist Israeli has practiced a vicious genocide upon the Palestinian people; the true Semitics of the Bible whom they seek to displace with their AshkeNazi lies of precedence. Do not wonder at the use of the term Anti-Semitic instead of Anti-Jew. It is for the sole purpose of claiming a Semitic origin that does not exist. It is a manufactured fable.

Their agents in the state department and the cabinets …the flunkies of preceding administrations, including the present one, have been the single driving force for the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the regular murder of the ordinary Pakistani and the drumbeats to an Iranian adventure. They and their counterparts in the American intelligence community were the architects of the 9/11 attack and all that followed has been directed from this false flag effort that was blamed on the Muslim community with the intent of wiping the Muslims from the face of the Earth.

This tightly woven band of psychopaths has its operations at all levels of the American and European economy which they have single-handedly brought to its knees through their control of the central banks and their various operations of fraud in the various stock markets around the world. We can see how deeply the corruption goes and how evil is the nature of it. Yes, turn your head from the depravity. In a nation that pays Larry the Cable Guy 30 million dollars a year I can’t expect more.

I look at this and the Armada; the endless ranks of boatloads of demonic engagements and I think… it’s like a Tonawanda Whitefish, glistening in the sunlight as I fish it from the shore of Lake Erie with a broken stick. Whether it’s in New Jersey or Mexico; whether it’s organ harvesting of non-kosher vitals for kosher locations …or your daily false flag de jour, it’s the same brutal evil finally come round to coming out of the closet and standing forth as what it is.

You may wish that I did not say these things and you may wish that they were not true but regardless of your ability to shit in one hand and wish in the other, these things need be said and these things are true. Point it out and the guilty party screams about discrimination with the stolen goods in his hand. All considerations of pederast priests aside, in the days of the Cosa Nostra they never involved their church in their operations. Of course, that church had long before gone into business for itself.

How naked and blatant is the evil from the banksters and crusaders? Here we see the tip of an iceberg somewhere in The Great Lakes with recently fossilized whitefish, teeming with the DNA of old passions because some of you have been loved, ‘in their fashion’. Alas Cynara, the dancing necrophiliacs have been fed on the blood of small children and it makes them frisky. That link continues to go missing and, for the moment, has found its way back up at the original location which I am using for the irony factor. If this one goes, I will be updating it.

Clunker’s for cash is like old men for young gash. It heats the reptile blood like an Arizona highway in July. The clunker has been processed through the ‘shake n’ bake’ chop shop and what was is now the ‘is’ of what was not, so… soon we will be back at war with Eurasia and Eastasia will be having sleepovers in the kids room, which doubles as a temporary medical facility.

Why are these whitefish being paraded like desiccated blintzes in search of a cheese filling and a special sauce? It’s the apocalypse baby and you don’t need a religious framework for authentication. It’s a natural action of Nature when nature gets bent out of shape and she starts to get into that tarantella thing by way of The Tandava. Here in the cosmic ticker tape room of the Sirius complex, the dog poet has begun to howl and sing Kadish in ways that never made their way through the charnel house, spelunking horror of Ginsberg’s rotten teeth. Time is a striptease baby …and she’s going public.

This is why the skirts are being lifted from the source of all those discarded and malfunctioning Tonawanda White Fish. This is why we are seeing it in Technicolor and why the compromised bad guys persist in their behavior past all justifications for their exposure. It’s their nature and it’s Nature’s nature to point it out. The real global warming is the heat of the public’s anger and good reason for the persecution of deniers as well as for the serendipitous linking of ‘birthers’ and moonwalk refuseniks with the 9/11 truth movement. Look out for The Pod People. Look out for the invisible, pulverizing laser rays from invisible death drones in the sky.

The Tonawanda Whitefish, like the cheese, stands alone… in ranks of rank, nausea inducing pride at their status as evidence. They wait outside the international laundry. Soon enough they will be hanging on washing lines… ready to be readied to do it all again. Will it continue in one mad, sickening display after another or will the public go nova and render them all into a Dinty Moore, Beef Wellington? We’ll have news at seven from Waterloo.

Let this one thing sink into your heads; those of you with heads still containing a sinking capacity that have not themselves sunk into the mire entire. Someone… somewhere… is blowing the whistle on everything and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Soon enough, lies too massive to entertain as anything other than institutions, are going to be in the crosshairs of the public’s slowly, surfacing awareness. The Lady in the Lake is waking up and she’s going to be pulling whitefish streamers from her hair, her nostrils and her mouth and she’s going to be pissed and looking for explanation. As she pulls away the veils looking for the source of her dishonor, she will be pulling aside the theater curtains for the entire world.

Yes… there have been many bad guys and girls in dark days of the past and they have come from all variations of culture and nation but it is the evil of the moment that concerns us, as do the means and manner of their approach. There is time enough to forget History when you are no longer compelled to repeat it. Let us make our new institutions a standing record of what we endured rather than the usual vain promises of what we’re going to do this time around. There is time enough to remember History when you’re done being an extra in Ground Hog Day.

For all of you who presently despair and wane grim and feeble at the appearance of the dark’s seeming, overwhelming might… look… look at what the moment is revealing and console yourselves with the understanding that some unknown hand is at work using the very institutions of our oppression to expose and bring down those who believed they were in control of them.

It’s ain’t over yet. Yogi Berra is still behind the plate. He’s just not in a Yankee uniform anymore… and on the mound… who knows? The Tonawanda Whitefish is on the endangered list. The New Jersey Meadowlands are a protected marshland and they are giving up their dead.

“All for one and one for all” the screener has been released from Sirius… coming to a neighborhood near you, sometime this fall.