Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ask Israel....

"So Israel, when's the next 9/11 attack planned?

Things are looking grim in Apartheid Israel, with all sorts of bad news happening and coming down the pike. Looks like a prime time for the Master of False-Flags, Israel to pull off another monstrous distraction.

What's Israel worried about?

That the first 'Jewish' prez, Obama has poll ratings sinking to the depth of that buffoon Bush had in the Summer of 2001. And we all know what resuscitated Junior's ratings on 9/11 and allowed Israel to go on a land theft and murder spree in Occupied Palestine while Americans were being taught to hate Arabs.

Israel's in the midst of a five year drought and things are looking grim. They've already stolen the Golan Heights springs from Syria, the River Jordan and most of the Palestinian wells and aquifers. Lebanon's River Litani is starting to look pretty appealing to the land of people who steal for a living and another false-flag to distract the world would give Apartheid Israel the distraction it needed to manufacture an excuse and invade--AGAIN--Lebanon and steal their precious water.

The Gaza War Crimes investigations are proceeding apace and even within Israel, IDF soldiers have come out to tell truths about Israel's sadistic 'Operation Cast Lead.' Basically, shoot anything that moves and drop bunker buster bombs and White Phosphorous on anything that didn't.

Israel's very good buddies in the Federal Reserve are starting to get a bit nervous, since they realize the American public is finally waking up and realizing that the Fed is one giant counterfeiting operation and that a lot of those trillions of OUR money the Fed printed up MADOFF to Israel. While Israel's economy is doing just fine, a lot of Americans aren't and are starting to ask some hard questions about just who in the hell is running the Fed and who do they really serve.

Israel's lackey's and gophers in the US Congress are being shown for what they are; a bunch of paid and bought Zionist shills whose first and only allegiance is to Apartheid Israel and to hell with America. The sleeping giant is starting to awaken and there's going to be hell to pay. And that means no more monthly welfare checks for Israel.

For all these reasons and more, the Zionist entity of Apartheid Israel is starting to squirm, since it realizes its death grip on 'Uncle Sucker' is starting to slip.

Once that's gone, Apartheid Israel will be the next to vanish and that scares that nation of racists, bigots and Judeofascists.

Looks like nows the time to set off another 9/11 False-Flag to scare the hell out of Americans so we'll be filled with the same amount of fear, hate, paranoia and neuroses as Israel and gladly rally behind that State of Hate like we did after 9/11.

So 'Bennie" Netanyahu, any clues as to where that next false-flag will be?