Friday, August 14, 2009

Such a Force Exists

"because evidence of its behavior through human agency can be observed all around the world every day"

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"Dead Babies Don't Grow on Trees

You’ve probably heard that line from The Usual Suspects; “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” These days you’ve got a lot of atheists running around because the tenants of organized religion are so absurd and the behavior of many of its proponents so bad that their hypocrisy and self-interest blaze like neon casino lights. The public face of the Christian religion is the fundies which are an en masse hysteria case of repressed sexuality and scriptural nonsense. None of this is proof that some kind of mysterious divine is not in operation. It does prove that religion is bad publicity.

At the behest of the Israelis and powerful world Zionist agencies, representatives of this large fundie movement have joined with them, the way vultures and jackals watch each other for signs of carrion. World Zionism is making war on Islam but it is also making war on Christianity and that whole family unit thing. Evidence of this is very widely available on the net and even a cursory investigation of who is behind the political correctness movement reveals just how completely they are in control of ‘behind the scenes’ policy and lobbies. A casual look at who heads up every gay and lesbian organization also reveals this as does a look at who runs The Southern Poverty Law Center. People get outraged to hear these things but they can’t dispute them. They are backed by direct, observable evidence.

For quite some time now I have been hearing about some shadowy, global spider which sits atop the governments and religions of the world and is called; The Illuminati, The Masons, The Elite and also shape-shifting reptiles. There are probably terms that I’ve missed because this is not my area of concern or expertise. If there were such a thing- and apparently there is something like it- what am I going to do about it? Well, you can call them what you like but I call them Satanists. They engage in all the classic satanic rituals. They kill children. They torture. They corrupt. They finance their activities through crime and intimidation. As recent events show, they are a protected species. Anyone who has read up on the Dutroux case (as I have) or gotten a look behind the scenes of the Fourniret murders knows that there are people in high places who protect these people and that happens in a lot of places like France and the U.K., Portugal, Spain and the U.S.

There’s witness testimony of limousines arriving and leaving certain locations and the cover-ups are a marvel of high end arm-twisting. When you want to join a gang in Mexico, LA, Columbia and other locations you are often called upon to commit certain crimes as an initiation. In some cases you have to kill a member of your own family. Why should it be different for powerful satanic associations? It isn’t. Why do they do these things? Well… they are Satanists aren’t they? It does provide a basis for loyalty but more importantly, engaging in certain crimes takes you beyond the pale and, allegedly, grants you the favor of the dark one. Does this sound insane, given what we may well assume about the nature of ‘the dark one’? Yes it does.

Recently in London a woman named Tracey Connelly has been charged with letting her boyfriend, Steven Barker, torture her 17 month old son to death across the span of some months. Steven says he was ‘toughening him up’. Steven had a history of torturing animals, collecting Nazi memorabilia and was also found guilty of raping a 2 year old girl. They put a court order on what could be published about that case. Since this happened not long ago and Steven was out running loose in the streets… what does this mean? It means he was set loose to continue in his work. When the young boy was discovered dead with a broken back; broken ribs, busted mouth and a head chewed up by a dog, some interesting facts came to light. Doctors, social workers and police had visited Terry and Steven’s torture-plex a total of 60 times and nothing was done. Imagine that.

Now consider the present state of London where cameras watch your every move while young girls and boys are sold like confections all over town. Consider the extreme pressure of political correctness that monitors all speech and action in England. You can read some absurd accounts if you want to search them out. People are fired and even jailed for nothing at all. Consider the bankrupting of the English public by the English bankers. Consider the staged event of 7\7. Consider the controls exercised over the Afghanistan opium and the gratuitous war which makes that and other things possible.

Meanwhile, authorities can visit a home where there is evidence of toddler torture 60 times and nothing is done. This happened in the most repressive, politically correct climate in the world. What does this tell you? Somebody made the authorities hold off or… every single one of them was getting in their licks on the kid.

The court kept a tight grip on the identities of these people and there’s only one photo of the woman and none of the other folk floating around. Their explanation is that, because of public outrage, they fear for the safety of these poor unfortunates and want them to be able to live a normal life once they are released from jail. They say they may have to relocate them and give them new identities at a cost of 1.6 million pounds. All of this is in operation and they haven’t even served their sentences yet. Will they be sentenced? Were they sentenced? When is the trial? When was the trial? I don’t know. What are the odds of two crimes by the same person being put under media blackout?

My rather exhaustive study of serial murderers revealed a great deal of evidence that many of them had outside help. It’s inexplicable how they kept evading charges and getting out of jail over and over. You don’t see that happening with marijuana growers.

Yes… there’s a world wide conspiracy which comes under the heading of The Prince of Darkness and you have to do certain things to move up in the ranks. Is this some red cat with horns sitting on a throne of skulls? I have no idea. What I do know is that such a force exists because evidence of its behavior through human agency can be observed all around the world every day.

Evil has a source and one could imagine that it is conscious. It certainly is conscious within the minds of the people engaging in it. Let’s not split hairs. There’s something bad out there and it seems to be in control of the agencies empowered to monitor and control it.

Where do these horrors in humanity come from? Is there a darkness in the heart which can be tapped by the willing? Is there a communication around the world between politicians and law enforcement which has been told to keep their hands off of certain performances? A few years ago a whole lot of young girls went missing in France. There were pictures of them up on telephone poles and in shop windows. Time passed and they were never heard from again. A substantial number of children go missing around the world every day and they are never heard from again. Does this seem reasonable to you? Many very young children are selling themselves and being sold on the streets of any major city. The authorities know all about it but do nothing. However, there is no lack of interest and enforcement for political correctness infractions and telling the truth has become a crime.

Is there a shadowy group of international Satanists who work together to bring about chaos into the world order? There is something by whatever name you are inclined to give it because you can see it in operation all around you. Ritual child murder has a certain occult power to it and that’s been known about and practiced for centuries.

Does it matter what name they operate under or is their existence enough? When you look into the information about the various school massacres, serial killers and similar endeavors you find a lot of strange information that is present in many of them.

The Apocalypse can’t come too soon for me. I am welcoming a massive storm to wipe the landscape clean because I suspect the darkness in any of us is tied to the darkness in all of us.

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