Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Shocker: You Could Be Next

Or maybe I could be.

What was
he saying that the powers-the-be didn't want heard?

"What Happened to 'Kenny's Sideshow?'

The excellent and very newsworthy blog, 'Kenny's Sideshow' has been removed from the web.

Click on the blog this morning and this is what you'll find:

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'

Yes, where is 'Kenny's Sideshow?'

Have the Zio-censors decided behind closed doors that Kenny's was too informative, too timely and above all, actually made people think?

Shudder, we can't have that, now can we?

Kenny's Sideshow was an excellent source of worthy news and timely articles, along with brief, but very observant comments by the owner.

So what happened to 'Kenny's Sideshow?'


Here's a message received from the author of 'Kenny's Sideshow' this morning:

I didn't really expect this. I did not violate any of the terms of service.

I've contacted google to see if I can get it back. We'll see if they respond.

If not, I'll leave a contact email address later.

Maybe someone has suggestions?

kenny's sideshow

What's happened to 'Kenny's Sidesshow' isn't right. I urge all freedom loving people to contact Blogger and let them know that censorship shouldn't exist in a free society and to return 'Kenny's Sideshow' to the web.

After all, your blog could be next.

He must feel so violated!

The Death of Liberty

Ftr, Kenny's Sideshow was one of the few blogs that accepted my comments (still can't comment at Smoking Mirrors) and he often had the courtesy to at least acknowledge the post with a brief response. He was always kind and courteous, with never a hint of the profane anger with which I often rage. That's what makes this all the more perplexing to me.

Though I never met the man, I feel as if I have lost a very close friend. His was often the first or second blog I looked at when I began my day, and believe it or not, I am struggling to contain my emotions right now.


Please read the
Comments section for further information and action.

So where do I fit in there, readers?

Oh, yes,
I rage with inflammatory and divisive profanities (only against one certain group and class, though), but you will NEVER FIND a HINT of THE N* and K* words on MY BLOG!!!!! Just cruise the Africa sections and you will see what I'm all about. Yes, you get a little of the "divisive" false dichotomy within the political screeds as I am a Republican in this unusual political region of New England that I live; however, it is always within the larger picture of whose interests this Zio-captive state serves.

I never even use the C* word. It is just the rage-boiling F* and S* that I expound -- and I'm feeling it come on now because of what has happened so I'm out now. The ONLY BLOG I POLLUTE now is MY OWN MSM SITE which is WHY I STARTED THAT SIDE and why Rock the Truth is basically an INFORMATION and ARTICLE TRANSFER POINT at this stage. How many commentaries have you seen over here lately?

Nor do you find any true calls for violence. In fact, what you find is ANGUISHED PLEAS for NONVIOLENCE coupled with TREMENDOUS ANXIETY at what is occurring in AmeriKa and the world now. HOW MANY TIMES do I have to QUOTE Gandhi or MLK as the SOLUTION to our problem -- MASSIVE NONVIOLENT NONCOOPERATION and OCCUPATION of Washington and state capitals until we get what we want! The American people need to STOP GOING TO "WORK" and STOP PAYING their BILLS and TAXES to USURIOUS BANKS and LOOTING LEGISLATORS! It's called a GENERAL STRIKE!!!!

Of course, INDIGNANT and OUTRAGED BLOGS (as well as citizens) seem to have had NO EFFECT on our SLAVISHLY DEAF LEADERS, and the dumb-downed, torn-apart, feces-smeared (hey, the
paper can report it so why can't I say it?) American people are nowhere to be found (save for an hour on the common on Staurday. See ya next week)!

I think part of the answer is that Kenny was VERY, VERY, VERY POPULAR and WIDELY-READ and he POINTED the FINGER at TRUE CRIMINALS and TRAITORS to America!!!!

This post is for you, sir, because you helped liberate a mind they will never get back.