Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saying Hello to an Israeli

In departing from my usual practice of only linking a portion of this blogger's post I will be mirroring him today. The essay is eloquent and thought-provoking. I hope you enjoy and reflect upon the read as much as I did.

"Saying hello to an Israeli is gluey

by Divining the News (DTN)

Say hello to an Israeli and you’ve stepped in glue. They want to be liked (like everyone else). And they judge (like everyone else). Do you love your Mother, your family, Your nation, religion, God, Money.

Why have we to be afraid? Are you the gestapo? Is money the only reason to talk to someone? Is a platonic relationship solely for Pagans? Must everyone be corrupted?

Power you have. The power to provide money and the power to take lives away. In amidst your love and smiles and spirituality is a racism. Manifested in the apparent treatment of the Palestinians, but i won’t talk about them. Yet that embodiment of racism is all pervading outside of the issue of Palestinians.

How about an era of compromise? How about a lesser Israel? And a lesser israeli?

A joy for nature? Or a joy for humanity? Must everything be reduced to a power structure? To a carrot and a stick? To seeing life like you? A championing of alcohol, homosexuality and eating beef?

“You are either for us or against us” came from the jewish Neocons. And it is taking us to a world war. Oh dear Israelis you have us all in the cup of your hands, i squirm with fear.

We are told you will now elect a right wing government. We see many Israeli supporters all around Obama. When Mumbai happened the bloggers cried Israelis. There is no way the current mentality will ever be satisfied!

Even if all the Muslim countries are crushed, there will still be more bogeymen. It is the racism and the dogmatism taking us down the drain.

I have worked out what is wrong with me.

I am like a downs syndrome person.

Prepared to be happy with whom ever I meet.

This is anathema to Judaism

And indeed the gullibility is exploited by many individuals.

Society in reality is a load of cliques and conspiracies.

It is not permissible to talk to young and old alike. Nor to people with different interests. This role is no doubt reserved for the religious and the financiers, only they have the license.

And my aura somehow allows others to reveal their secrets. This is likely a subconscious and involuntary desire to be more downs syndrome like.

Long live Paganism!


Do you need to read that again like I did?


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