Monday, December 22, 2008

Seen Enough, America?

"Seen Enough
by Karl Schwarz

The year of 2008 has been a particularly bad one for losing some of the best among us. For example Cyd Charisse, Suzanne Pleshette, Paul Newman, Sidney Pollack, Bo Diddley, Michael Crichton, Charlton Heston, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Arthur C. Clarke, George Carlin and even Mr. Mark Felk, the Deep Throat FBI agent who knew wrong when he saw it and provided the information to blow open Watergate and the impeachment of President Richard Nixon, have passed away.

This has been a particularly tragic year in the deaths of notable people but coincides with one of the most 'suck ass' years I have seen in my 57 years. As one of my colorful Southern friends says, "I would rather kiss a pig on the ass than relive 2008."

According to Hesham Tillawi, this Zionist Jew miscreant, Bernard Madoff, was a major financing source of Mossad activities within the US. If that is true, he may well have been involved in the financing of 9-11. Sibel Edmonds and our investigators were on the same trail that was intermingled between drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud in our securities markets. Since I have been in the EU, I have followed some odd trails of money laundering from the US to Switzerland to Hungary to Israel.

Some of these Zionist Jews cannot pass up a shekel or a dollar without leaving a clear trail. They just keep changing names of entities but all such entities are owned by the same thugs.

About 20 years ago I was trying to fall asleep one night and my now ex-wife asked me a question. "Darling, if you passed away in your sleep tonight what would you want me to have put on your tombstone?"

"HUH? You planning on killing me tonight?"

"No, I was reading this book and a thought suddenly hit me, so I asked. I am not sure what to put on your tombstone if suddenly you were gone."

"Hmm", I said, now wide awake, "I guess just put my full name, date of birth and date of death and have this inscription made: "He saw more than he wanted to and decided he did not want to see any more."

That pretty well sums up 2008 for me. It has been one catastrophe after another and all of it could have been avoided if people with courage, honor and integrity were in charge but that is not the case.

Maybe all of those folks who passed away in this year decided they had seen enough in 2008 and checked out, too.

We have the housing bubble and massive foreclosures, massive fraud in our government and on Wall Street. We have the US government engaged in an $8+ trillion bailout of liars, thieves and thugs, and it might be 2, 3 or 4 times that amount or more.

We have Bernard Madoff stealing $50 to $100 billion. We have the festering sores of Afghanistan and Iraq and the continuation of war crimes that should have never happened, if we had leadership in America. We just have liars and thugs in high offices in America. The lowest life POS in your city or town is an icon compared to who is sitting in power in DC.

We have a global financial meltdown due to US and UK sponsored, created and initiated lies and fraud and greed. If a full investigation were to be performed, I think Mossad and certain parties in the US would be indictable due to 9-11, what happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and even in our capital markets.

This crap will stop when Americans wake their dumb asses up and take back control of the US government. As of right now, it does not represent the interest of any American and that is killing America.

So, Merry Christmas, even to those who still sleep. WAKE UP.

Merry Christmas,