Monday, December 22, 2008

Bernie Madoff's Christmas Gift

"Oh… this just makes me feel the spirit of the season. I know it’s shameful. I know it diminishes me. I know more people won’t like me even more now"

Some of us WILL like you even more, visible.

Blog author's note: I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays. Today I will offer a further disclaimer. The author will always be afforded space on any blog I administer. I find his writings poignant, perceptive, and poetic -- certainly much better than many of my pained and profane opines)

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"Thank you, Bernie Madoff for your Kind Christmas Gift

To read the spin being put on Bernie Madoff’s ripoffs you would think that every dime of the fifty billion stolen was earmarked for charities but… that’s not the case at all. There are various pieces of information surfacing and they are coming from all over the place and I mean all over the place. You’ll get a feel for what went on by reading the links and I don’t plan to give you any more of them.

Despite what those worthy of censure may think of some of the things I have to say and despite their reflexive off-the-cuff assumptions that I might have anti-Semitic leanings concerning the large amount of Israeli and other non-Semitics posing as Sephardic by way of AshkaNAZI… I tend to take people as I find them and lose or keep them just as quickly thereafter.

Now… what I’m going to say here next may keep me from being linked at the few sites that I permit to link me because I admire them; that’s getting shorter as time goes by with The People’s Voice dropping me because my erstwhile friend there took exception to my non-Advaita outlook which… would qualify as being distinctly non-Advaita also. After all… if we’re all one then I’m him right? Well… he’s forgiven and we’ll sort that out down the road. Then The Signs of the Times stopped re-printing me, for reasons that have never been clear, given that most of their readers liked me and given that many of their readers came here after they couldn’t find me there. They’re forgiven too and we’ll sort that out down the road.

This site has never been about making money or becoming an icon that would turn out to be one more face on a passing bus next to an ad for some scotch placed next to the callipygian moon globes of some beckoning lass with tiny beads of water on the polymer pseudo-human skin. If you had the benefit of super-sensory vision you could see little green reptiles from another dimension engaging in forbidden acts on the surface of her ass.

This site is about telling you what I think and sometimes it’s about telling you things I experience that some of you don’t want to hear about. You’ll have to live with that. Understand that it might take me a moment to get to my point but you know that already.

First let’s go to the reason that this might not get wide circulation. Regular readers at this site know that I engage in certain shamanistic practices that have the capacity to give me the ability to see those little green reptiles and even participate, if only as a passive voyeur. On one of those occasions… actually on several occasions (over the course of several days) all associated with the same occasion, I engaged in such a ritual and spoke about it at another of the blogs. It involved a conversation between me and someone of great power. I’ve got an idea of who that was, having been on the receiving end, however we’ll attach no sobriquets for the benefit of sanity and discretion.

The conversation went something like this …and it went on for hours and hours and was the same on each day that passed. Yeah… I hear voices. Actually, all of us hear voices but most of us aren’t honest enough to admit it. Ingesting amplifiers tends to increase reception. Anyway… enough with the digressions and here we go,

“I want to thank you visible for waking me up. That’s a very good thing for you since your behavior hasn’t always been what I like to see but your persistence is a marvel. So… thank you for waking me up. First I’m going to stretch and wipe the cobwebs from my eyes. I’ve been dreaming you see but I’ve also been awake. Never forget that. First I’m going to stretch and wipe the cobwebs from my eyes and then I am going to have my morning coffee. Then I am going to dispense my blessings and then I am going to open a window of forgiveness and many who do not deserve it may take advantage as they will. And after I have done this… well then, visible… I’m going to kick some ass.”

“I’m going to show up right in the middle of the evil right while it is going on and I am going to kick some ass. I’m going to catch people with their pants down and I’m going to catch them with the wrong person’s undergarments on their heads. I’m going to parade them before the world and I am going to take away everything they hold dear.”

For the sake of brevity I’m keeping the dialogue short. There was a lot more but it was all similar, oft repeated and with a constant backtracking to reinforce the impact of the sequencing. I’ve been afraid to go back again since then because I fear we are in the ass-kicking period although nowhere near it’s intensity yet.

Our boy Bernie was pretty cool. If you didn’t have a whole lot of money he wasn’t interested. So those who lost their money weren’t poor and they probably still aren’t but they got hurt bad and to be bluntly honest… I’m glad. Call it shadenfreude… call it mean. Call it whatever you like. I know how the well set up likes their money. They hold it dearer than their souls which are forfeit in the bargain. So… when I got the news and when I learned enough to have an idea of what happened, I jumped into the air and pumped my fist in the air and cried… “Yes!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! There’s going to be a few less dead Palestinians in the bargain.

Spare me all the rhetoric about these poor charities and spare me the implication that all of these charities were goyim related and how the underdog is so very much on the minds of the rich at all times. Spare me this lying bullshit. I know rich. I’ve been all around them at times and I’ve seen what they are like. This is not to say that there are not some decent people with money but they would be the exception. This is sad but true and when they do give it’s from all consuming guilt and fear of the unknown; the desire for some salvage of reputation or has more strings attached than Malawi has mosquitoes.

Brother Bernie gave me a Christmas present and I am truly grateful. And even though, as it appears… most of the money, like most of the money most of the time, found its way to the world’s number one terrorist nation on Earth, I am still really grateful that there is no honor among thieves.

I’m sick and tired of .0025% percent of the world’s population controlling most of the world’s wealth. The time has come for them to learn a lesson and it is coming full bore. People tell me here that I should be utterly equanimitous and people tell me I should be Jesus Christ and Buddha and every kind of human doormat simultaneously but I’m just some guy whose primary beef is the perception of ongoing injustice and brutality and I don’t like bullies and I don’t care for liars and thieves either.

I understand why so many people kiss the asses of their perceived betters in hopes of a greater portion of the crumbs that fall from the table but …that ain’t me babe. I’ll starve first. You’d pretty much have to strap me in irons forever because that’s how long I would wait.

Thank you Bernie for being an unprincipled sleaze and for all that you have done to make my Christmas a merry one. Thank you for hitting the rich where it hurts and thank you for destroying yourself at the same time. I know you’re going to take the midnight train to Israel pretty soon but… son? You done good.

Oh… this just makes me feel the spirit of the season. I know it’s shameful. I know it diminishes me. I know more people won’t like me even more now but… I like the way I feel at the moment and it has just begun. Don’t go thinking Armageddon is just some ‘one size fits all’, iron maiden suit. Armageddon is a selective thing and just as capable of good fortune as bad.

I’m an optimist and maybe that’s because I never wanted the things everyone else broke their lives on the wheel of desire for. I just wanted justice …and baby… justice is on the way. Thank you Bernie and Merry Christmas!

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Note: I tried to leave a comment but something wrong with his comments. Thought blogger would automatically pick me up. I'm logged in. Then word verification gives me no word?
Anyway, what I would have left for visible is this:

"I just wanted you to know you will always be afforded space on any blog I administer. I find your writings poignant, perceptive, and poetic, and they often span my entire range of emotions. I find myself applauding, angry, elated, dejected, inspired and countless other adjectives. Your work is greatly appreciated, so stay in their pitching (shoes?)! Few writers are able to invoke the range of feelings you do, from "rage to sadness, laughter to tears, solitary and audible exhortations of affirmation --damn right! -- and, yes, even moments of desperate denial," as well as capturing the essence of whatever issue you decide to address. I always give you the full mirror treatment (with link), and I alter your titles somewhat, "not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye" -- a disclaimer I frequently apply to your posts. Again, thx for being out there. We'll always find you!"