Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Liberal White Boy is Hot!

I'm liking her more all the time!

Who I Am Writing In For President

"Paris Hilton Joins International Solidarity Movement In Palestine In Effort To Avoid Media Spotlight

Junior Middle East analyst and Hollywood gossip columnist, Liberal White Boy, has learned that Paris Hilton will soon be joining the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine in an effort to escape persistent and never ending media attention. A spokesperson for Ms. Hilton told LWB, Paris has wanted to do something for her fellow man since her brief stint in jail many months ago, but hasn't had the time. Community service in Palestine along with her desire to avoid the exhausting media spotlight made ISM the perfect choice. Hilton's new best friend Mary Kate Olsen first told Hilton about ISM and the Palestinian cause, according to her representative. All you have to do is walk Palestinian children to school and they will treat you like an international hero, Olsen told Hilton. When Olsen added that helping Palestinians was in vogue, chic, hip and stylish, Hilton said, that's the gig for me, where do I sign up?


"Apartheid Israel...Is Anti-Semitism Becoming In Vogue, Chic, Hip And Stylish?

Hey what is going on? Hollywood starlets that don't want publicity? They don't want to be associated with blood diamond merchant and financier of Jewish West Bank Settlements in occupied Palestine, Lev Leviev?

The October 28 release of the celebrity portrait book Hollywood Pinups by photographer Timothy White is being marred by controversy, as a charity and stars distance themselves from Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev who provided the jewelry worn by stars in the book. Oxfam America is named in the book as recipient of White's book sales proceeds, and on the page immediately before, Leviev is thanked for his "support and contribution" to the book. In response, Oxfam America, which had renounced Leviev in January, has again decried Leviev's settlement construction and diamond mining practices, and announced that it will be informing others of "the deliberate strategy of Leviev Diamonds to connect itself with unwitting charities and celebrities."

In 2007, New York Magazine reported that Angolan security companies employed by Leviev were accused of torture, sexual abuse and even murdering Angolans. But he's a Jew damn it. You can't criticise a Jew for stuff like this can you? Especially a Hollywood Starlet. These things go on in Occupied Palestine every day and not a peep from Hollywood. Well this time Leviev tried to pull a fast one. And I guess a few of our Hollywood Princesses wanted nothing to do with it.

The PR company that represents Tea Leoni, Kate Walsh, Felicity Huffman, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Melissa George has asked for their names to not be associated with the Leviev, and Oxfam Ambassador Kristin Davis has had her photo removed from Leviev’s website.

It's time for Zionist organizations to get hysterical. If we let these Hollywood Chicks get away with stuff like this, the next thing you know, a story like this might actually make it on Entertainment Tonight or Inside Edition..