Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Person Made A Difference

"One Person Made A Difference

by Jim Kirwan
If there was a real nation here instead of an occupied country ­ then the events in Iraq yesterday should have been started by US citizens on the day that Bush was inaugurated back in 2001. That simple act of personal defiance spoke volumes and made this secret "victory lap" of arrogance into the criminal-farce that Bush has represented since the day he took office. (1)

Now with millions dead and millions more displaced along with the millions of additional people whose lives have been ruined: It is now America's turn to ponder why we failed to act to stop the madness, just as it is Americans, that are now beginning to finally feel the real effects of this political-boomerang that is coming back to kill us, one way or another.

Hundreds of people have asked what they could do about anything, as they feel that they are too small to matter. I would only remind them that a selected-president is only a figurehead, and below him are hundreds of thousands of others, that each for their particular part also serves their owners ends as well. Ordinary citizens do come into contact with those people, and can let them know exactly how they feel, without real violence. By doing this across this occupied territory-real differences could be made: by individual people. So here ironically, is a way for Americans to begin to take back their country given to us by an Iraqi camera-man at a press- conference in his own occupied country.

Yesterday, in response to questions about The Big Three in Perspective (2)

'Yes - but this is the point: $8.5 TRILLION and rising is well past what is currently acknowledged as the existing national debt (the real debt actually exceeds $173 Trillion), and yet the public has forgotten that the government already took that $8.5 TRILLION, just a little over two weeks ago. But since the only figure the media ever mentions is the magical and ever-present $750 Billion as a catch-all and supposed limit - the public has apparently never noticed, what has already happened here. The mystical $750 Billion was gone before the ink dried on that bill, and probably even before the bill was authored. The only real solution to any of this would normally be an audit, but there is no one now that could conduct such a finding because the corruption is near total in "American government."

Moreover America cannot go "BANKRUPT" ­ because we have been in bankruptcy for the last seventy years already; and we are currently in receivership to the Federal Reserve System, and to their private owners. I believe that the day after the inauguration we shall see the FED go after USA Inc. for defaulting on the terms of that bankruptcy - and this will light the fuse that will mark that moment when Martial Law will have to be declared. They're only waiting for that date, in order to finish sucking our coffers dry right down to the very last drop of Blood & Money - beyond that there won't be anything left worth bothering about.

Our so-called "money" is already worthless, and all that's keeping it in play is the pseudo appearance of "wealth," that everybody knows is just another mega-lie to prolong the beginning of the end. The politicians want to avoid finger-pointing or responsibility for what has happened in the last eight years. Obama & company will not prosecute anyone. "We must move on - we must go forward" is their mantra: But anyone that has committed grave errors, whether in personal life or in the life of a nation - knows that the only way you can get out of any quagmire is to understand how you got into it in the first place: so that you do not make the same mistakes again. The reason that you must find and PROSECUTE those that did what they did to create these nightmares, is so that the criminal- elites are never again involved in anything that must be done to escape the problems that have destroyed virtually every aspect of this country.

We are in this mess because we did not prosecute the criminals that came before, whether it was LBJ, or Nixon, or Reagan or GWH Bush: or any of the lower-level war criminals like Kissinger, or Cheney, or Rumsfeld. Because we failed to prosecute, we failed ourselves in the longer view-which is why they have become so blatant now. Americans have had their collective heads-in-the-sand since this cancer began to consume the nation and to threaten the wider world. What is perhaps worse than what we did then - is that now we still are not demanding that heads-must-roll, even as we can see that aside from the legalities, AMERICA IS BANKRUPT in every way that matters. To continue to deny this now is to commit national suicide.'

It is not-too-late to take back this land and to evict these creatures from their self-created positions of absolute power over the ruins of this nation. All it takes is the determination of the millions that disagree with what is going on; to find their own way to throw metaphorical shoes into the blood-stained machinery of this ancient fantasy that is the hijacked one-world 'global empire.' Perhaps that is the only way that this image can finally be defeated!