Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What is Obvious.... the Whores

(Blog author's note: I would normally allow this tremendous author's words to be posted as pristine; however, I will be adding a few of my own comments in today's extraordinary effort)

"How do they do It? I Really want to Know

You can stop me at any point… heh heh, no you can’t but it never hurts to offer. I want to talk today about the obvious. If it’s not obvious to you then you are a Nimrod and/or a Nodwell and you probably don’t come here anyway since I don’t feature porn or get rich quick schemes. Before I get into any of this, we require, or should I say you require a little setup… a backstory… some scenery so we know where we are.

Here’s what is obvious, to me anyway… and mind you, I’ve done the research and been around whatever I’m talking about or… I say I don’t know and if I’m projecting or predicting, I tend to tell you that too. Rich people are rich because they love money; more importantly, they love the power and the cachet that it grants. When people aren’t rich it is because they don’t love money to the extent that it consumes their waking hours with the desire to acquire it or… they’re not very good at it anyway or… they’re stupid. Somebody is making a lot more of the latter every day so at least you won’t be lonely. This is a real growth industry.

Rich people are not generous except to the degree that it serves their purposes or assuages their guilt or… makes them feel generous and that’s why when rich people give money away they hire a brass band to accompany the gesture. These are the same people that worship their non existent God with public displays that raise hypocrisy to a fine art when it is juxtaposed with their real life actions. Please note that I didn’t say that the essential living conscious light does not exist and I’m not saying it does either because you have to figure that out.

I note that the people who donate to this site are usually the ones who can least afford to and others (I know what I’m talking about here) who come here and make more in a month than I make in ten years tend to give me nothing. Do not send me money now that you are reading this. Paypal won’t let me have any more money until after the new year. I’m grateful for the people who help me out but this has nothing to do with it. This has to do with things I know and want to share with you by way of my real life experiences.

(I feel bad. I have neither Paypal, credit cards, or anything else. I've tried to disassociate myself with the financial system as much as possible. A little, local savings account, that's all there is, and there ain't much in there at all.
I need a job -- other than pounding these keys)

I’ve been around a lot of rich people in my life and almost exclusively they have a common problem. Yes… they are rich but their money is tied up at the moment or something happened somewhere; some strange fantasy that only the terminally stupid would buy for a moment. Yet I have had my posterior bailed out on a number of occasions (and I’ve done the same) by people with no more than I had before I needed the help.

Moving right along… people who threaten to kick your ass or kill you over the internet do so because they don’t ever expect to meet you in real life. People who think you should behave the way they do don’t behave that way. People who like to make themselves look good attract a poor class of associates engaged in the same behavior. People who are virulently opposed to people with different sexual tastes share those tastes. People who intimidate and bluster are cowards. People attracted to positions of power don’t understand power. People who think they are slick don’t know how to dance.


1. No Kill I. Now, if a couple of lying looters or war criminals are strung up as an example in cleaning this whole thing out, well, I'm not going to do it -- but I'm not going to object, either.

2. The sex things, I don't care! I'm not opposed to anyone getting married; however, I am opposed to the divisive, agenda-pushing aspect. Look, I'm against the state sanctioning ANY marriages -- those for churches and religions -- but I live in Massachusetts and have accepted it. Contrary to popular belief, I'm a very tolerant guy. It's the mass-murder and killing that bugs me.

3. I bluster with the profanities sometimes; however, I am far from intimidating! How intimidating can a broken-down old man behind a keyboard be -- especially one who is howling in pained agony at the injustices?

4. I have no power, and I do not dance)

This feels good, let’s go on for a little longer. People who take jobs as journalists for major organs of disinformation have to know, have to know that they are lying sacks of shit that sold out their integrity for a paycheck. People who work for governments and religions that do not work within their fields for the greatest good for the greatest amount of people are thieves and frauds.

Religious leaders who dress in Armani suits and have hair weaves and two hundred thousand dollars worth of teeth to accompany their Las Vegas Game Boy act for an asexual Jesus make Elmer Gantry look like St Francis of Assisi. People that think sex is bad are terrible lovers. People that become enraged when you look at a sixteen year old girl were never a sixteen year old boy. They were born with white socks, black shoes and a briefcase full of bullshit and they are looking… trust me, they are and maybe more than that.

People who want to kill because the moral order doesn’t reflect their personal degree of repression are doing things none of us would do, in their minds and often in real life. Freud’s hysterical women who see predators climbing out of the light sockets are badly in need of having their clocks cleaned so that they never tell time again. It’s okay to have a cigarette now. I guess you realize that ‘NO.” really does mean I hate myself. No… I know what no means but this is a different no. This is Doctor No with all the credentials in the world and not one drop of understanding.

So… what I want to know is… how can nearly everyone in a position to speak out about what is obvious, all be engaged in the greatest conspiracy of all time? How do the whores in journalism; the whores in public office, the whores in religious outfits from “The King of Hearts”, the whores for money and the whores for security, the whores that sell their cottage cheese asses for the right to force compliance on others before the altar of ugly conformity to cheap and obvious lies… how do they sleep at night?

(Quite comfortably numb?)

How can you do a job and live a life, linked arm in arm with everyone you know all mutually agreeing to something you all know is bullshit? How can all the countries in the Middle East be without internet except… wait for it… never mind? How can you see what is in front of you and not see it? See…

What I don’t get is… you know you’re going to die right? So… shouldn’t your life have some meaning? Since you came with nothing and leave with nothing shouldn’t you do everything you can to make the world a better place and yourself a better person in the bargain?

(That's why I am still here)

I don’t get it. I don’t get gratuitous plastic surgery. I don’t get cosmetics on aging women that makes them look like someone going to a costume party dressed as a lizard and who is obscuring the inner beauty that is looking to shine forth. I don’t get bondage gear and the utter agony of mind numbing religions. I don’t get a hundred thousand versions, over and over again of the same video game of killing everything in sight by proxy. I don’t get your endless lonely nights of feverish masturbation and then you wake up to tell everyone else it’s wrong. I don’t understand how you can lie to yourself.

How do you do it? I really want to know.

(Me, too!)

How did you get from seeing through your parents lies to telling the same lies yourself? How did your youthful enthusiasm turn into pitching and moaning about everything but what is really bothering you?

(Truthfully, it is the unceasing killing and suffering based on lies that is all around us)

Why do you keep beating your head against a wall if it hurts?

(I don't know why I do)

Here’s a clue. If everyone stops paying their taxes then there will never be enough jails to hold you and you’re already in jail anyway. Don’t give these thieves another dime and there won’t be any more bailouts for the criminals running the game. Kalifornia is about to go broke. Let’s break every other state and every other country until this vicious cycle ends. Take that carrot and stick it up their ass.

(Yes, yes, and BY GOD, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

If you’re going to die anyway then let your death mean something and it won’t mean anything unless your life meant something.

(That's why I will keep being here; If I'm gone with no explanation, something happened)

People… take off the blinders. You’re better than this. I know you are. You have lost your way and now you just bend over and wait. Stand up… pull your pants back up… it’s okay, I have my eyes averted. Now… what say we get a little something to eat and have a little chat?

(Can we talk about 9/11?)

When I Lose You