Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zionist Zombies

"Are You Zombie Or American?
By Karl Schwarz

I started to name this essay 'Gone with the Wind' for that is what is happening to America right now. However, out of respect for Rhett Butler and Mammie, GWTW is mentioned only because it is happening right now to many lives in America. From what I am hearing, seems many Americans are starting to see what The Grapes of Wrath was all about, too.

But, of course! Barky is going to assume the global leadership role to defeat Global Warming. That would be laughable material for Letterman and Leno if it were not so pathetic and wantonly arrogant. Another DC fraud is in the making. I wish George Carlin were still with us, he would ream Barky good on that one.

To state that the United States is in a melt-down mode, a total wreck is putting it kindly. This has been a massive train wreck in slow motion that goes all the way back to the George H W Bush Administration. America has been on a downward decline for the past 20 years and now the cancer may not be reversible.

Like a malignant tumor, it has sunk its teeth into our nation and our lives and may well end America and the goodness it stood for over most of the past 232 years. Many voices have spoken out, yet America chooses to blink, shrug its shoulders, and go back to living the inane and asinine, as if some painless solution will miraculously appear on its own. I hear this, almost verbatim, way too often: "It is all so depressing...I don't know what to do."

Well, when a flame thrower is scorching your ass it is way past time to figure out what to do.

I have never in my life seen a serious problem go away by ignoring it, whining about it or going into depression over it. No, Scarlett O'Hara, it will not be better in the morning after you sleep on it. And if you are not hearing the message clearly from Washington, DC, let me translate for you: "Frankly, my dear, we don't' give a DAMN (about America)."

Who is to blame for this fiasco, The Wreck of the Good Ship America?

Actually, there are three root causes that stick out the most to me. First, the decadence and greed of the American culture is to blame. We have evolved into a nation where 'things' mean more than real values or real people.

Secondly, those 'chosen' to lead us are about the most despicable and incompetent among us. Truly carney show hosts bereft of character and honor, and worse, integrity. These hocus-pocus charlatans in DC are not even C Class entertainment.

Lastly, the American population is to blame. A nation gets the leaders it deserves and if ever that was on display it is glaringly exhibited in current day America.

Frankly, Americans might as well elect Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck. DC would be much improved over the hand-puppet executioners of America we see on TV now every time they want to flap their jaws.

Good leadership cannot happen because the moment a name is announced, out come the Internet trolls and main stream media to destroy that person with any lie, stunt, or knife in the back they can dream up. Americans are going to have to blow that off and refuse the current process to elect their own leaders.

Do you think you did your civic duty by going out and voting for 'CHANGE' we will never see? The only 'change' we now see is that things are getting worse...and will only get much worse If you have done your civic duty, go back to watching Jerry Springer and the other worthless shock TV shows, and remain clueless as to why the world is laughing its ass off at America on the one hand and seething in anger at America on the other. These idiots and thieves in DC and Wall Street have devastated much of the world's savings to keep you misled as to how 'robust' the US economy was.

Much of this $7 trillion bailout - with NO oversight - is composed of direct cash payments to foreign capital sources to keep them from filing the lawsuit of the millennium against Wall Street and Washington, DC for FRAUD. Bernanke refuses to reveal where two TRILLION of YOUR dollars went. Get it?

It seems that most Americans no longer remember what the key ingredients are that made the USA a great nation. I do, but damned if I can find a way to get people to look at realities, or even look at their own lives and realize how grave the situation is right now. I remember a day when a simple motto of "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" was all the urging America needed. Now, no amount of urging or facts disrupts from the mindless pursuits of vapid 'entertainment' and sports and other less than frivolous pastimes. So many useless distractions...all orchestrated so the average American does not need to think about the harsh realities staring them in the face. Yes, the majority of Americans will do almost anything but take a long hard look in the mirror and face those sticky, ugly realities. Until they lose their jobs, homes... and place in the pasture.

I remember well when the finest products made bore the label "Made in the USA" but that has diminished to the point of almost being extinct. The last time I was in a WalMart, originally that bastion of pride for the "Made in the USA" label, I had to look down 14 aisles before I found anything that was made in our country. The simple concepts of doing a job well and actually earning that paycheck through honest, competent labor is now pretty much a thing of the past in America.

The America I see today is not the America I grew up in. I miss the good America and have come to despise what it has devolved into in the prime of my professional career. When I was young I did not need a key to the house, it was always unlocked unless we were out of town, and we never were robbed. I spent over 40 years of my life being a proud but not an arrogant American. I have spent the last 20 years watching everything good about my homeland being defiled and undermined with lies, and greed and corruption.

America has changed with the times, but the changes I see are not the types that are desirable or indicative of greatness. Life is now a day- by-day journey, not a destination from birth to grave with an benevolent US government as your step parent, your mentor, your 'brain washer' or your savior from the hardships of life. Anyone who believes, or even thinks for a split second, that Washington, DC is an attentive caretaker for Americans is a complete idiot.

These cretins in DC could not care less if you are dead or alive, or in the current state of destitution, and foundering somewhere between point A and point B. The only time you matter is every 2 or 4 years so you can cast your worthless vote, to give the bogus patina of legitimacy to this Grand Theft going on in our National Capitol.

The Danish have a great proverb: "Life is not playing a good hand; life is playing a bad hand well." What most Americans have forgotten is that they have to play that hand well, not sit on cellulite 'fast food' butts and let Washington, DC play out your life for you. Anyone waiting on solutions from DC might as well sit and wait for the Sun to rise in the West and set in the East. It will be a long wait, and America is running out of time.

America was built on self-perseverance and determination, two words many Americans no longer know the meaning of today. It was also built for the most part on the simple premises of honor, character, integrity and doing a job well done or making a quality product. I have watched closely for 30 years and there is another word that America fails in. That word is discernment, and lack thereof.

Ask many Americans "what is of value" and a majority cannot come up with a single answer or single thing that is truly of value. Most Americans can no longer discern between a true political issue that will make or break their lives, and a moral issue entered into the discussion to further fragment our culture.

I see way too many people just mumbling, stumbling and waddling their way through life and not paying any attention to what is gutting their lives and leaving them in ruins.

When the violence was raging between the UK and Northern Ireland, an Irish pop star wrote a song that contained in its very words what is wrong with the United States today. Her name is Delores O'Riordan and she was the lead singer of the Irish band The Cranberries.

This is primarily for electric guitars but the acoustic guitar version makes it much easier to understand the words.

The words of this song say it well "it's not me, it's not my family", and "it's the same old theme since 1916". Listen close to the words, your future depends on grasping the realities of what is happening right in front of your eyes. Many Americans are refusing to face the tragic actions of our government merely because it does not directly affect them...or so they think. Their child is not in harm's way, or was sent home maimed or dead due to the lies of this US government and it's foreign adventures for oil and dominion. It is not just Bush, it is all of them in the White House, the US Congress and in key positions like CIA, the State Department, etc. It is a government agenda for the elite. And it is killing our nation.

I am 57 and when I was coming of voting age the Vietnam War was raging and the US was losing. I remember, well, hundreds of thousands strong coming out in the streets to protest that war once Americans knew that Lyndon Johnson had lied to escalate it. Some of those protests became quite violent because the youth of America at that time refused to be involved in the travesty that was Vietnam. I remember a time that the youth of America would rather die on the streets of America standing up for what is right rather than in a rice patty in Vietnam playing out a great lie from Washington, DC.

If the Iraq lies and genocide had happened in my generation 10 to 20 million armed Americans would have been in Washington, DC casting these frauds out of power, at gunpoint or in a barrage of lead. We know the meaning of the Second Amendment, and we know exactly why these lying SOBs in DC want a Con-Con (Constitutional Convention) - to take your Freedom Of Speech and the Second Amendment.

Trust me, there is no terrorist in the world more frightening to Washington, DC than the wrath of America if our people decide DC has to go by whatever means necessary. Thomas Jefferson stated it clearly in the Declaration of Independence that when a government no longer serves the needs of its subjects, the people - a free people - have the right to change that government. That is the battle line people, get that straight and never forget it. You have been sold out, betrayed and stabbed in the back.

I hear all of this talk about America being the land of the brave...but I yet to see much of it on the streets of America at any time during this huge Bush/Cheney/DC

lie of Afghanistan and Iraq and 9-11.

Look very closely at how America is falling apart right now, and appreciate that it is all blowback to the lies we have all had to endure for the past three presidential administrations. It is not just Bush. It is his father, it is Clinton, and the current moron, and now this pretend president who cannot produce a birth certificate.

Where are such patriots today? Evidently playing Nintendo or PlayStation, or surfing the Internet or TV and pretending they are making a difference by pressing remote controls, pushing joy sticks, or tapping on computer keyboards.

I remember, well, a time when I knew in my heart and soul that no enemy could defeat America, for America was more than just a nation. It was an ideal founded on freedom, liberty, character, integrity, and justice for all. Those magnificent traits have died during the last 20 years, and the final defeat of the United States will be nothing more than a whimper from the last American victim telling their forlorn tale on the Jerry Springer Show.

Where is your outrage today, America, at the travesties that are Afghanistan and Iraq and the bogus Global War on Terror? Where is your collective understanding or moral rightness and indignation that the nation you live in has murdered close to 4 million people for oil and gas so you can live the pretend life of Riley, in the nightmare of the American Dream?

You see, to have a Number One Nation based on consumerism, your national leaders have to create jobs so those consumers can shop and keep up the pretense that is 'America.' Did you miss that memo? No jobs, no consumers, no consumer-based economy...the math is really quite simple. Did you miss that, too? You cannot be a consumer and prop-up America if you have no job or are treading so much debt water that you can no longer 'shop 'til you drop' to keep this Wall St/DC illusion alive. The business plan has failed, the system is past broken. It is in shambles.

America is only number one in three things I can see and identify: 1) lies; and 2) debt; and 3) sheer unmitigated fraud.

When did you last hear on the news "failed to meet Wall Street analyst targets or expectations"? Do Wall Street expectations matter to you - or do your expectations for you own life matter to you?

That is a pass or fail question, so think the answer through carefully if you can.

If asked who 'won' in Afghanistan and Iraq, far too many Americans think we won and all is hunky-dory. We lost folks...and that is why our nation is still stuck in the quicksand because we have gutless leaders who refuse to admit their mistakes, their lies, their crimes against humanity.

They even assassinated a president, John F. Kennedy, because he was going to pull the US out of Vietnam. Immediately after Kennedy was assassinated orders were given by Lyndon Johnson to escalate the Vietnam War.

Who are 'they'?

"It's the same old theme since 1916, in your head, in your head, they are fighting with their tanks and their bombs, Zombie, Zombie."

What is this "same old theme since 1916?" That theme is Zionism and subjugation of this world under the boot heels of fascist Zionism and globalization.

If you research history you will find that the US was drug and duped into World War I and World War II because certain Zionists wanted Israel created and needed the blunt force of the US to accomplish that. For anyone who has paid attention, the world has now witnessed 60 years of Zionist Israel ill-will towards their fellow man, and for the past 20 years ill will towards any Middle East neighbor that Israel does not like. And 'ill will' usually means torture, suffering and death.

James A Baker, III actually uttered some truth outside of the US as to why World War II even happened. Read this link recently posted on Rense:

Come to grips with that. Somewhere from 49-55 million people died in World War II and that is nothing compared to what will happen if these evil people are allowed to push the world to total war yet again, so they can get their way.

There was a draft during the Vietnam War but now we have the 'all volunteer army'. Is it? When people cannot find work because the entire economic engine of their nation is broken, the Army is a job and a paycheck. When an entire nation has been plundered by financial terrorists that is not actually volunteerism to go fight in these made-up wars; it is more accurately described as necessity to eat and many times to support a family.

The entire world now knows that George W Bush and Tony Blair willfully lied to invade Iraq again in 2003. What part of 'lied' do you not understand? About 2 million Iraqis are now dead at the hands of the US and UK, so what part of 'LIED' do you not understand? On his recent trip to Baghdad, Bush was put forth as quote: "A great friend of Iraqis, who delivered them from tyranny." Of course, that was while he was dodging two shoes thrown at him because the Iraqi reporter apparently knew what a vile lie looks like and smells like.

Are the deaths of about 2 million human beings in a foreign land OKAY with you? As long as it is not your family, your children, is that OKAY with you? Can you possibly imagine that killing about 2 million people in Afghanistan and 2 million in Iraq has made you less safe in America, not safer? Can you get those numbed brain cells to make that connection at all?

Think, also, about the fact that 1 million US troops have been exposed to depleted uranium, crappy DoD vaccines and will never again have normal lives. Is that OK with you, too?

It was not enough to deliver the carnage to other nations; the carnage was also put on our own US soldiers and citizens. Is that OK with you, too? God help you if it is...for much of our military is now so sick it cannot defend America. I am not worried about all of this NorthCom talk and its cracking down on America. Our military is too ill to take on America.

Does America stand up for what is right? Hardly. Too many in America still believe every lie DC and Wall Street pump out. The US still does not have that Afghanistan pipeline and Barky is going to 'surge' Afghanistan and prove to the world how much of an pyschopathic killer he is...just like his predecessors.

There is still the lingering reality of 9-11 and using that as the excuse to attack Afghanistan and take over a pipeline deal, rather than joint venture one with the Bridas Corporation. The Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals records are something that Washington DC wishes to avoid having a public discussion on.

"It's the same old theme since 1916?" I say that is exactly what we are all witnessing. The good ship America has already hit the iceberg and the ship is going down. Make sure those deck chairs are arranged all neat in a row. Surviving victims may get a slot on the Jerry Springer Show.

I hear the rhetoric for 'change' and watch a non-thinking, mesmerized voting populace assume that merely changing party control of the White House, Senate and House are change. Have you not figured it out yet, America? Neither party stands for change. Neither party has that instant, painless solution so Americans can continue to live an irresponsible lifestyle based in self-induced illusions and the intentional delusions and lies fed to the sheep by DC and main stream media.

If you are relying on these nitwits in DC to deliver solutions and relief to the weary masses, good luck and best wishes.

Oh, yes, the US is also going to 'lead' the world in the Global Warming scam. Folks, they are leading you right into the abyss. Wake up before it is too late. It may already be too late but do not go quietly into the night like a nation of cowards quivering every time DC utters the word 'terrorists'. THEY are the terrorists.

Look around you, America. The housing bubble was an artificial propping up of the US economy so Americans would think everything was okay with the US economy. It was a massive hoax. Dig deep and learn the truth that our criminal government and the criminal thugs on Wall Street intentionally and willfully plundered other nations, their banks, their pension funds so you folks in America could keep waddling and stumbling through life thinking all was okay. Just go shop, spend 'money' (run up your credit cards), and do not worry about realities.

The real cause of the credit crunch is because the US ripped-off other nations to keep your 'American Dream' illusions alive. Look around you, the ship is sinking. You have been had, you have been screwed over by the very government you keep putting back into office.

What is in your head? Are you a Zombie or an American?

If you are following the Madoff $50 billion scandal story, it should be eminently clear to you, even the Wall St gangsters can't even trust their own. Why would you trust THEM for a second?

They own the US media, and control the constant drivel you think is the news to base your opinions and your life on. They are embedded in Congress, the Pentagon and the White House, making sure you get the dumb end of the stick right between your eyes. They own the major banks that were just bailed out for about $7 trillion and left you in their wake, many penniless, homeless, destitute and trying to grasp what in the Hell has just happened to America.

It is time for you decide...because the quality of life of your future is on the line, right now, and has been for years. It is time to stop the delusions and face the realities of what is killing our nation and our future.