Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All Bullies Lose in the End

Yes, because they DESTROY THEMSELVES in their wanton blood lust and slaughter!

"Gaza: Don’t all bullies lose in the end?

by Divining the News (DTN)

Nostalgia and old loyalties run dear. Rather like sentimentality and remembering the good old days. I was just wondering what is socialist about Ehud Barak’s labour party? Aren’t many of those traditional Israeli socialists starting to rethink their loyalties? Has Barak buried the Left? The third Reich was called National Socialism. Maybe the common jargon of being beyond the right and the left is appropriate.

How much bad publicity can Israel take? How much of what it is doing is based on world Jewry? The Rothschilds and religious elite? Surely old loyalists to Israel and Zionism must have some doubts in their minds about what they are doing?

Xymphora today remarked Israel does not want peace. He says it is the last thing world Jewry can live with. Israel did scupper the truce agreement when it invaded Gaza on the Eve of the US elections. Not that it ever honoured it, it always maintained some type of embargo of essential items. Then when the truce expired and a total embargo was in place, it offered a truce with the embargo.

The evil is all pervading, it is not confined to Israel’s actions in Gaza, the West Bank or in all the Middle East. It is Israeli actions everywhere. Designed to instill hate and sectarianism. With many sub clauses, namely, homosexuality, alcohol, eating beef, and it seems wanton destruction of nature, all with the assistance of coerced money lending.

There are many good Jews, and many good Israelis. The problem must lie with the leadership. And while the Politicians should be held accountable. They might not be the true leadership.

It is the 11th hour on the planet. American forces scour the planet, engaged in many acts of aggression. There are as many people again out of uniform also upholding this system based on bloodletting and sectarianism.

The actions of the last few days have been a turning point for world opinion, for the self perception of many Jews, and possibly for some Israelis. The actions of Israel can only lead to more bloodshed, whatever the immediate outcome, we can be certain of more and more bloodshed, until the Israelis and their zionist supporters (or slaves) change their self perception and attitude.

Trying to guess what miscalculated repurcussions there can be? Mubarak’s reign on Egypt might not last. The strengthening of Hizbollah, Iran and Syria through sympathy and volunteers. The losing of Turkish loyalty, not only, also China, India and Greece. The resolve of Pakistan is stronger than ever, it has just suspended all supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan through the Khyber pass.

And even die hard allies like CNN aren’t playing the game. Maybe this is driving a wedge in Jews. Suddenly Iranian Jews and other non zionist jews look more appealing. It beggars belief that the majority of Israelis support this carnage.

What lies were they brought up on? Has the religion been misinterpretated? Their is a diabolical misunderstanding between them and the rest of the world.

Expect a world alliance against Israel. Starting with China, Russia and Iran….

To end this post where it started; here is the last paragraph of Gilad Altzmon’s post on the Israeli elections and atrocities: