Sunday, December 7, 2008

Whose Blog is This Anyway?

"Pro or Anti: Pakistan, India, Israel, Islam, Hindu, Jewish?
None of the above.
To say pro ‘truth’ would also be a ‘cop out’.
There are plenty of untruths that this blog does not entertain. So the answer is a ’selective pro truth:
This blog is anti Neocon, anti Bush (and cohorts) and anti ‘war on terror’. All of which require false flags.
There is an attempt to draft anyone with a reasonable IQ into the forces of nationalism. Witness the publicity afforded to intelligence agencies recruiting at schools and Universities...."

Oh, that's not me, readers (although I thought the characteristics sounded similar).

For the answer to the title question, you need to (and I would very, very strongly suggest you do) go --HERE--

: New England's Newspaper