Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pentagon to Adopt Terrorist Tactics

The MSM is acting like this is something new!

Please see
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"Pentagon moves to step up military’s “irregular warfare” by ANN SCOTT TYSON

WASHINGTON | The Pentagon this week approved a major new policy directive that elevated the military’s mission of “irregular warfare” to an equal footing with traditional combat.

Irregular warfare describes the increasingly prevalent campaigns to battle insurgents and terrorists, often clandestinely and with foreign partners.

Meaning with MI6 and MOSSAD!

The directive, signed Monday by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, requires the Pentagon to step up its capabilities across the board to fight unconventionally, such as by working with foreign surrogates to gain access to hostile countries, pursue terrorist groups, shore up fragile states or overthrow governments.

The policy is part of a broader overhaul of the U.S. military’s role as the threat of large-scale combat against other nations’ armies has waned and new dangers have arisen from shadowy nonstate actors, such as terrorists that target civilian populations.


“The U.S. has considerable overmatch in traditional capabilities … and more and more adversaries have realized it’s better to take us on in an asymmetric fashion,” said Michael Vickers, an assistant secretary of defense and a chief architect of the policy that was under debate since at least 2006.


And who is Michael Vickers?

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