Saturday, December 29, 2007

Charlie Wilson's Warrior Directing the New World Order

The movie is a piece of revisionist history, as if some the infiltration of jihadis into Afghanistan was some rogue Congressman's idea.

Read Zbignew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard" for the real story.

Zbig BRAGS about what they did there!

"Key aide in 'Charlie Wilson's War' widens his battle against terrorism" by Ann Scott Tyson, The Washington Post | December 29, 2007

WASHINGTON - In the Pentagon's newly expanded Special Operations office, a suite of sterile gray cubicles on the "C" ring of the third floor, Assistant Defense Secretary Michael Vickers is working to implement the US military's highest-priority plan: a global campaign against terrorism that reaches far beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.

The wide-ranging plan details the targeting of Al Qaeda-affiliated networks around the world and explores how the United States should retaliate in case of another major terrorist attack. The most critical aspect of the plan, Vickers said in a recent interview, involves US Special Operations forces working through foreign partners to uproot and fight terrorist groups.

Vickers's job also spans the modernization of nuclear forces for deterrence and retaliation, and the retooling of conventional forces to combat terrorism - a portfolio so expansive that he and some Pentagon officials once jokingly referred to his efforts as the "take-over-the-world plan," one official said.

It is NOT a JOKE, and it is NOT FUNNY!

Vickers, a former Green Beret and CIA operative, was the principal strategist for the biggest covert program in CIA history, the paramilitary operation that drove the Soviet army out of Afghanistan in the 1980s. The movie "Charlie Wilson's War," released last weekend, portrays Vickers in that role, in which he directed an insurgent force of 150,000 Afghan fighters and controlled an annual budget of more than $2 billion in current dollars.

Like he was doing it alone!

Today, as the top Pentagon adviser on counterterrorism strategy, Vickers exudes the same assurance about defeating terrorist groups as he did as a 31-year-old CIA paramilitary officer assigned to Afghanistan, where he convinced superiors that with the right strategy and weapons, the ragtag Afghan insurgents could win.

Vickers, 54, said in a recent interview, looking cerebral behind thick glasses but with an energy and build reminiscent of the high school quarterback he once was:

"I am just as confident or more confident we can prevail in the war on terror."

Even tough we are the Soviets now!

DANGEROUS people think this way, readers!

Vickers joined the Pentagon in July to oversee the 54,000-strong Special Operations Command (Socom), based in Tampa, Fla., which is growing faster than any other part of the US military. Socom's budget has doubled in recent years, to $6 billion for 2008, and the command is to add 13,000 troops to its ranks by 2011.

FULL-SPEED AHEAD with the PNAC plan, huh, readers?

No matter what ANYONE thinks!

Senior Pentagon and military officials regard Vickers as a rarity - a skilled strategist who is both creative and pragmatic.

Jim Thomas, a former senior defense planner who worked with Vickers:

"He tends to think like a gangster. He can understand trends, then change the rules of the game so they are advantageous for your side."

Yeah, so he is a THUG!

But he's OUR THUG!!!!!

Vickers's outlook was shaped in the CIA and Special Forces, which he joined off the street through a "direct enlistment" program in 1973. In the 10th Special Forces Group, he trained year-round for a guerrilla war against the Soviet Union. One scenario he prepared for: to parachute into enemy territory with a small nuclear weapon strapped to his leg, and then position it to halt the Red Army.

Vickers recalled that the nuclear devices did not seem that small, "particularly when you are in an aircraft with one of them or it is attached to your body." Was it a suicide mission? "I certainly hoped not," Vickers said.

An expert in martial arts, parachuting, and weapons, and second in his class at Officer Candidate School, Vickers was also fluent in Czech and Spanish, which made him overqualified when he joined the CIA's paramilitary unit in 1983. Soon after, he received a citation for combat in Grenada.

But Vickers's greatest influence was in the clinically precise way he reassessed the potential of Afghan guerrilla forces and prescribed the right mix of weaponry to attack Soviet weaknesses. This brash plan to create a force of "techno-guerrillas" able to fight year-round called for exponentially more money, which through sheer force of logic Vickers was able to obtain.

Today Vickers's plan to build a global counterterrorist network is no less ambitious. The plan is focused on a list of 20 "high-priority" countries, with Pakistan posing a central preoccupation for Vickers, who said Al Qaeda sanctuaries in the country's western tribal areas are a serious threat to the United States.

WAKE UP to the FRAUD of "TERROR," America, and SEE the WARS for what they TRULY ARE!!!


"Terrorism" is only the LYING EXCUSE to SELL and JUSTIFY these MURDEROUS WAR CRIMINAL'S PLANS!!!!!!

The list also includes Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the Philippines, Yemen, Somalia, and Iran, and Vickers hints that some European countries could be on it. Beyond that, the plan covers another 29 "priority" countries, as well as "other countries" that Vickers does not name.

Are you SMELLING a DRAFT, readers?

Just HOW in the HELL do these MADMEN intend to carry out this SICK and INSANE PLAN?

And WHO is going to STOP THEM?!!!!

Vickers: "It's not just the Middle East. It's not just the developing world. It's not just nondemocratic countries - it's a global problem."

SEE where we are HEADED if these MONSTERS are allowed to continue?!

IMPEACH the WHOLE U.S. GOVERNMENT and SHUT IT DOWN, readers!!!!!!!!!!

With just over one year left in the Bush administration, Vickers is impatient with bureaucratic infighting within the military and between the Pentagon and other agencies, current and former officials said. One official noted that it took Socom about three years to write the counterterrorism plan, and two years for the administration to approve a classified "execute order" against Al Qaeda.

Vickers, who has advised President Bush on Iraq strategy, is convinced that more US troops are not enough to solve the conflict in Iraq and that working with local forces is the best long-term strategy for both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Working with proxy forces will also enable the United States to extend and sustain its influence, something it failed to do in Afghanistan:

"After this great victory and after a million Afghans died, we basically exited that region and Afghanistan just spun into chaos. It's imperative that we not do that again."

This man is not a patriot; he is a SOCIOPATH and PSYCHOPATHIC SERIAL KILLER is what he is!

I am SO ASHAMED to be an AmeriKan!

I wanna go puke!