Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Open Letter to Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn

"An open letter to Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn

"I mean even if it [US GOVERNMENT COMPLICITY IN THE 9/11 ATTACKS] were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean it doesn't have any significance." -Noam Chomsky

I would like to ask Noam Chomsky to explain on what basis he contends that 9/11 is irrelevant and how Howard Zinn can state that it's "in the past" (certainly an odd position for a historian). Their position seems at odds with the current paradigm:

Obama recently promising billions in "aid" for Afghanistan: "the Afghan farmer hasn't seen any improvement in his life"

Tom Brokaw responds:
"Here's something else that Afghan farmer has never seen nor have any of his ancestors ever seen this: foreign powers coming into Afghanistan and being effective and staying very long."

Obama's answer:
"Right. Well, I, I think that we do have to be mindful of the history of Afghanistan. It is tough territory. And there's a fierce independence in Afghanistan, and if the perception is that we are there simply to impose ourselves in a long-term occupation, that's not going to work in Afghanistan. By the way, that's not going to work in Iraq either. There are very few countries that welcome long-term occupations by foreign powers. But Afghanistan has shown that they are fiercely resistant to that. We're going to have to convince the Afghan people that we're not interested in dictating what happens in Afghanistan. What we are interested in is making sure that Afghanistan cannot be used as a base for launching terrorist attacks. And as long as al-Qaeda and the Taliban, working in concert with al-Qaeda, threaten directly the United States and are engaged in mayhem, then we've got to take action. And, and that very limited goal of making sure that that doesn't happen, I think, can serve as the basis for effective cooperation with the Afghan people."

It seems as though the events of 9/11 are still the pretext given (or have there been other more relevant "al-Qaeda" "threats" and "mayhem" in the U.S. that Chomsky and Zinn would cite) for occupation and new invasions yet Chomsky and Zinn are hostile to inquiry. What exactly is gained by obstructing exposure of black operations and false flag terror? Why do Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn so fear examination of the very basis upon which the wars are being sold to us?


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