Monday, April 28, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Missing War Profits

Nice to know all the money was squandered over there while you are going broke with a gas pump up your ass, 'eh, Americans?

Aaaaah, who am I kidding?

Apparently, you are luuuvvving it, Americans!

I'm not seeing any outrage, or ANYTHING from you, for that matter.

Where are you, American people?

Hey, GET THAT NOSE out of that ass!!!

"Review details woes of construction deals;Projects funded, not built in Iraq"

by Hope Yen, Associated Press | April 28, 2008

" WASHINGTON - Millions of dollars of lucrative Iraq reconstruction contracts were never finished because of excessive delays, poor performance, or other factors, including failed projects that are being falsely described by the US government as complete, federal investigators said....

It's what Bush refers to as "progress!"

The latest snapshot of an uneven reconstruction effort that has cost US taxpayers more than $100 billion....

Many reconstruction projects were being described as complete or otherwise successful when they were not.

Translation: The GOVERNMENT LIED!!!!

In one case, the US Agency for International Development contracted with Bechtel Corp. in 2004 to construct a $50 million children's hospital in Basra, only to "essentially terminate" the project in 2006 because of monthslong delays.

But rather than terminate the project, US officials modified the contract to change the scope of the work. As a result, a US database of Iraq reconstruction contracts shows the project as complete "when in fact the hospital was only 35 percent complete when work was stopped," said investigators, who added that this practice known as "descoping" occurred frequently.

"Descoping is an appropriate process but does mask problem projects to the extent they occur," the audit states....

But, but, but... the SURGE WORKED!

See how MANIPULATIVE the LYING AmeriKan MSM is now, readers?

I was told just a month or so ago that NORMALCY was returning to Iraq!

Does this look normal to you, readers?

Investigators acknowledged that the database they reviewed lacked full data on projects such as those done by USAID, the State Department, and those completed before 2006. But they said the figures cited in the report offered a baseline in terms of unfinished Iraq contracts.

"Adding contract terminations from these [other] sources would certainly raise the number of terminated projects," the report states....

Oh, so there may be MANY MORE "successes" that ain't, huh?

How many shit lies do you need to consume before you puke, America?

The audit comes amid renewed focus on potential abuse in contracting government-wide. Last year, congressional investigators said as much as $10 billion - or one in six dollars - charged by US contractors for Iraq reconstruction were questionable or unsupported and warned that significantly more taxpayer money was at risk.... "

It is what is known as WAR PROFITEERING!

And here the DemocraPs are going to go and give Bush another $172 BILLION for these blasphemous occupations!

Good-bye, America!