Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MSM Sabotage Campaign Against Obama Fails

Because the American people are sick and tired of the globalist crime syndicate fronted by the Clinton/Bush crime clan.

Quick true story:

I saw a National Enquirer at the drug store the other day. It said something about Obama having an affair. I made sure I said it loud enough and stated how they were going after the guy with everything now. I said I DID NOT CARE what they said about him, that I was VOTING FOR HIM anyway because HIS NAME is NOT CLINTON or BUSH!!!!

Looks like my opinions are not that far apart from the American people's, huh, readers?

"Obama is going to be UP in the new NBC and the new CBS polls out tonight. And that's at the height"

Contra the previous item, two other polls are showing the Wright flap doesn't seem to be doing major damage head-to-head national polling.

Quite the opposite:

Two network polls due out in the next hour or so, I'm told, actually have him moving up against Clinton.

He's moved ahead out of a tie in the last NBC poll, and gained in the CBS/NYT poll. Details on the evening news."

But that's not the way the Times' is reporting it!!!

"Senator Barack Obama’s aura of inevitability in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination has diminished after his loss in the Pennsylvania primary and amid the furor over his former pastor, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll."

Are you surprised, readers?

".... Mr. Obama, of Illinois, still holds an edge over Mrs. Clinton, of New York, on several key measures; for example, 46 percent of the Democratic primary voters said he remained their choice for the nomination, while 38 percent preferred Mrs. Clinton, down from 43 percent last month, and she has lost support among men in recent weeks.

Here, here! And WTF, Times?

Nothing like deceptive headlines for shit-chewing 'murkns!

Mr. Obama also has an advantage over Mrs. Clinton in ratings on honesty and integrity and in being less beholden to special interest groups...."


See why I am like I am, readers!

Tired of being LIED TO!!!!