Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fart Mist Americans Would Want

But you won't be getting it, America, because your government is an asshole!!!

So keep eating shit, taking a gas pump up the butt-pipe, and paying through the nose while your world crumbles.

Not so bad, is it?

Not bad enough to demand redress from this criminal government, huh?

Better to just keep eating shit, right?

".... Two key US allies in the sub-continent, India and Pakistan, are now poised to deepen their economic, political, cultural and even geostrategic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, irrespective of Tehran's defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for a halt in Iran's uranium-enrichment activities.

Not only that, Sri Lanka, strategically situated in the Indian Ocean, is also about to enter into a close economic relationship with Iran
, in light of Tehran's funding of the US$450 million multi-purpose Uma Oya power project and its billion-dollar investment in Sri Lanka's sole oil refinery [1]. This is bound to enhance Iran's regional clout as well as create new points of geostrategic synergy between Tehran and New Delhi....

Oooooh, so that explains the violence in
Sri Lanka, doesn't it?

CUI BONO, readers?

India and Pakistan
are considered strategic allies of Iran's chief nemesis the US. Yet as these two countries forge closer connections with Iran based on their pressing national interests, above all energy security, they are forced into a delicate balancing act with respect to their burgeoning US ties, that may suffer due to US backlashes against their willingness to defy Washington's will on isolating Iran.

But, with their Iran diplomacy serving as a litmus test of their independence, both Pakistan and India have mirrored each other by standing up to the US's pressure: this is micro-focused on the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI)"peace" pipeline - a $7.6 billion gas pipeline planned to run from Iran through Pakistan and on to India. After years of wrangling, an agreement might soon be signed....

Now you are beginning to understand why IRAN MUST BE ATTACKED!!


Of course, the U.S. could avoid all the bloodshed, chaos and agony by making their own deals for energy -- but then Israel and WAR PROFITEERS wouldn't benefit, so what's the point of that?

Need more proof?

with the IPI likely to be finalized in the coming weeks, if not days, and with China and other players keen to participate in the international bidding for various aspects of this massive project, the US faces a triple jeopardy. These are:
  • Impose reprisals against its important allies and thus alienate them.
  • Inaction on this project makes US laws redundant and undermines the US's image and prestige.
  • De facto accommodation of the project will play into the hands of Iran in its strategic games in relation to the intrusive superpower.
Also see:

However, despite India's explicit turnaround on the IPI after a temporary bout of cold feet, reflected in last week's successful meeting of India's and Pakistan's oil ministers in Islamabad, Washington has not altogether given up hope the Iran-benefiting project will be scuttled at the last minute, or at least postponed further, just as it has been during the past 15 years. (Last week, India and Iran hammered out their main differences, which related to the transit fee to be charged by Pakistan for the Iranian gas going to India.)

Which is why the Iran attack is coming SOONER rather than LATER!

Just thought I would warn you, readers!

Also be aware of the
The Eight Days of May, readers!


.... Pakistan will need foreign investment and support to cover the costs of constructing the pipeline going through its territory and expects institutions such as the World Bank, which has done a feasibility study on the project and has come out in favor of it, to provide financial assistance. [3] Yet, the US, which wields enormous clout in the World Bank, may play the spoiler by blocking such assistance, in which case it will earn itself the ire of Pakistan's newly-elected government, as well as India....

Ah, the whole world hates us anyway, so what's a little more hate, right, 'murkn?

Did you just wash that shit log down with a glass of gas, readers?

There is a great deal on the India-Iran plate nowadays, and Narayanan made a point of revealing that "a great deal is taking place between India and Iran which is not on the public realm".

That's funny, because nowhere in the Boston Globe or New York Times is this gas deal being mentioned.

Yup, not in the "public realm" -- which is why I FOUND IT on the BLOGS!!!!

Wanna smell that Iranian fart now, 'Murkns?

Or would you rather just eat Zionist shit with a gas pump (meter running) up your ass?


Sorry, the Times is describing it this way:

"Iranian President’s Visit a Test for India"


You can read it if you want.

I did, and it is so full of distortions and lies, I'm not putting up a word!

What a piece of shit the New York Times is, readers.

It is without a doubt the
WORST PAPER in AmeriKa!!!!

That's why AmeriKa is in such trouble!!!!