Friday, December 28, 2007

Censoring History, Past and Present

The Kind of People who Censor TV

You may have heard not too long ago that GrassRoots TV decided to strangle Free Speech by not allowing an educational film, "Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at WWII," to be shown. GrassRoots TV, in Aspen, Colorado, has in the past (and quite ironically) said it was a bastion of Free Speech and was made for the "people"; so it was quite surprising for many viewers to discover that the film was not allowed to be shown.

The reason for the film not being shown is that it presented some controversial information about WWII: It shows brothels, swimming pools with diving boards, post offices, libraries, musicals, plays, comedies, et cetera--with all of this taking place at "death camps" such as Auschwitz during the time that Jewish propagandists contend that they were being "gassed" (with millions of "survivors," who were somehow impervious to this poison gas and who will attest to such policies to this day). The video also documented how Jews in Germany had declared war on the Germans, which made them viewed as insurgents, which was also the reason for their detainment (similar as to why Japanese were locked up in America). It is controversial documentary, no doubt, but so is the truth when we pull away years of propaganda, used to justify a senseless war and why we sided with the communists who murdered more of their own people in peace-time than died during all of WWII.

Alan Feldman, the GrassRoots TV board chairman, said that he gave "careful consideration and community input" to his decision of not allowing the show to be aired.

Of course, in a poll taken at the Aspen Daily News, it reported that 41 percent of those polled wanted the show to be aired, with another 27 percent saying that they supported Free Speech but were concerned about the topical matter. (It should be noted that the poll unfairly misrepresented the documentary's purpose, which shouldn't be surprising since the pollsters obviously didn't view the documentary and relied on half-truths from some skilled propagandists.) In short, 68 percent of folks interviewed supported Free Speech, and only 32 percent of those polled were against Free Speech and promoted the censorship of "Judea Declares War on Germany."

In short, it could be effectively argued that there was no "careful consideration" nor any "community input" to Feldman's decision to censor the film "Judea Declares War on Germany," as the poll seems to undermine this argument.

Some local residents even wrote letters to request the film be aired. While some were against the nature of the film, they still supported Free Speech--or what is left of it in America.

In any case, Feldman--along with some of his pro-censorship comrade-in-arms--decided to work against Free Speech and deny the film being aired. What kind of person is Feldman--you might ask--to prevent the inalienable, God-given right of Free Speech? Well, in more recent news, you find out a little bit of revealing information about him.

Apparently, Mr. Feldman recently had his law license revoked for 60 days, which may just be the tip of his problems. Apparently, someone had entrusted him and another attorney to safeguard a patent concerning a new Jeep top. According to an article in the Aspen Daily News, which is actually quite revealing, Mr. Feldman somehow set-up an LLC in his name for the patent and pushed the creator of the patent out of the "dummy" corporation. In any case, you can get a good idea of how ethical Mr. Feldman's behavior is from the article, and it may also give you a fair understanding of the people who promote censorship in the U.S. 

As a result of GrassRoots TV not allowing the film "Judea Declares War on Germany" to be aired, several free copies of this DVD were donated to the local public library there so that citizens can continue to learn the truth concerning WWII events."