Monday, October 29, 2007

The Signs of the holocaust

The death counts were REVISED DOWNWARD, hanh?

And here are the pictures to prove it?

Oh, man!!!!!!!

"Jewish Math: 6 Million Minus 2.5 Million = 6 Million"

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The pictures above depict the old and the new memorial plaque for the victims of the former concentration camp in Auschwitz. In 1995, the Polish authorities under President Lech Walesa officially reduced the number of victims from four to one and a half million, without this important change being taken into account by Holocaust believers.

The numbers of alleged Jewish victims have always wildly varied from scholar to scholar, from as high as 9 million in the French documentary Night and Fog, which has been shown to millions of students woldwide, to as low as 30,000[1] (out of a total of 69,000) in the official death books. But no matter how high or low the number of victims in the Auschwitz camps, most Holocaust scholars arrive at the same magic six million figure.

Some revisionists suspect that this has more to do with an old Jewish myth according to which six million Jews have to die before the Jewish people can return to Israel.[2] They also point out that claims similar to the ones made after WWII were made at the end of WWI, suggesting that it is more of a symbolic religious figure. Some revisionists go even as far as suggesting the number has to do with the 'Satanic' number 666, referring to allegations of a disproportionally strong Jewish element in Satanic cults.


Thanks to the Internet and some brave people--some of whom are in prison for asking questions--the truth is coming out about the Jewish Holocaust™.

Laws have been passed in Europe that forbids one asking questions about the Holocaust™.

There are laws now being considered in various US state legislatures and in the U.S. House of Representatives, that will forbid one from asking the "wrong" questions about the Holocaust™.

What is it that a certain group of people are so afraid of that they will not let people question what these people say is the absolute truth?

Are they trying to hide something about the Holocaust™?

Truth is truth and survives the test of time and the questions of man.

People should be able to question the Holocaust™, without being threatened, coerced, bribed and/or thrown in jail for asking simple questions.

Unless there is some terrible underlying truth to the Holocaust™ that a certain group of people don't wish people to see."

I'm one who painfully, reluctantly, and unwillingly discovered the TRUTH!!

Who would want to know that EVERYTHING we were ever told was a LIE!!?!!!!!!