Saturday, December 29, 2007

New York Times Hires Neo-Con Shill Bill Kristol

The old New York Times just keeps sinking itself deeper into the quickshit, doesn't it, readers.

This move is fucking UN-BE-LIEV-A-BLE!!!!!!!!!!

"Leading Zionist Cheerleader and Noted War Monger hired by New York Times"

"What a quandary for Bill O'Reilly, who loves to hate the allegedly liberal old grey lady! Neo-conservative Iraq war proponent, Weekly Standard Editor, FOX News' Special Report panelist, and PNAC Chairman William Kristol is joining the New York Times as a columnist in 2008, Huffington Post reports.

News Hounds

Billy boy didn't have to wait long after getting the boot from TIME magazine.

Billy boy can continue on with his sordid campaign to warp the American mind into thinking that another war fought for Israel by American kids, this time against Iran, is just what the doctor ordered...... or maybe i should have said it's just what the RABBI ordered.

Looks like there will be no shortage of NYT material available to line the bottom of parakeet cages, with Billy boy on the staff.

Parakeets show what they think of Billy boy's propaganda, will Americans be as smart?"

I think my blog now qualifies as a very intelligent, dare I say PARAKEET-LIKE BLOG!!!!!!

The SHAMELESSNESS of the New York Times, readers!

I'm sitting here shaking my head, speechless, it is so appalling.