Monday, December 31, 2007

Israel's Return To Gaza

A senior Israeli army official says Israel might stay in Gaza one year and a half

"Sunday December 30, 2007

Israeli army senior official, Ghabi Ashkenazi, stated Sunday that the Israeli army- once it invades Gaza- will stay over there for one year and a half.

Ashkenazi, who serves as the Israeli army's chief of staff, was speaking during a closed security meeting on a potential large-scale attack on the Gaza Strip.

Ashkenazi told the meeting:

"It will be clear whether we or the Palestinians will eventually be defeated in case we massively invade Gaza."

Askenazi cited possible prolonged stay in Gaza to Israeli army's willingness to stop, once and for all, the Palestinian homemade shells fire from Gaza onto nearby Israeli towns.

During the meeting, reported by Israeli media sources, the Israeli military discussed a plan to completely control Gaza, in case a massive attack is carried out.

The plan includes control over large Gaza Strip's cities like Gaza Rafah and Gaza, dismemberment of the coastal region into three separate parts, as well as taking over control of the Philadelphia route on Gaza-Egypt border line.

Israeli military has repeatedly warned of a massive attack on the Gaza Strip, in a bid to stop what Israel says ' homemade shells fire' from Gaza onto nearby Israeli towns.

Israel declared Gaza a 'hostile entity' in September and imposed large fuel supplies cuts in October, as a crippling closure of the region continues unease since June, after the Islamist Hamas group seized control of Gaza."

We all know Israel's intention is to retake Gaza and liquidate the Palestinians living there.

It's not an if, but a WHEN!

"israel kills one last Palestinian before the year ends"

"israelis just couldn't resist murdering one last unarmed Palestinian before the new year begins.
The Israeli army on Monday admitted killing a 30-year-old Palestinian woman crossing into the Gaza Strip on Sunday after completing the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.

An initial army inquiry said that troops had fired "warning shots into the air in order to distance a crowd" of some 700 Palestinians crossing into the Hamas-controlled territory through the Erez crossing with Egypt.

The group "began to advance en masse towards an IDF (army) post located nearby," the army said in a statement.

israelis, being the cowards that they are, fired INTO the crowd.

"Apparently, as a result of this fire, and for reasons still being investigated, the Palestinian woman was killed and an additional man was injured," it said.

"The IDF wishes to stress that at no stage was there intent to harm civilians."

The husband of the 30-year-old victim was among three others injured in the attack, medical sources said on Monday.

Which means at the very least five separate bullets were fired into the crowd.

Accidents happen once - not five times.

As usual, israelis are lying through their teeth in attempt to mask their racist and murderous ways.

Happy New Year, israel - I hope it's your last."

Unfortunately, I very much agree with the blogger's final sentiment!